10 Great Examples of Black and White Emails

When it comes to selecting a certain theme for your emails, a black and white combination might seem to be a generic option. But it is a fact that the theme perfectly reflects a classic and timeless feel. Keeping in mind its sophistication, it is easy to assume that it is a result-oriented technique adopted by businesses to seamlessly position themselves within the minds of their audiences. Not only do these black and white emails use eye-catching typography but also make them stand out in the plethora of other emails. Many marketers also use an HTML email template to increase their conversion ratio.

Perks of Using Black-and-White Emails

Extra Advantages for Marketing Campaigns:

Black and white emails are bound to offer a set of extra advantages while planning marketing campaigns for a series of events. The minimalistic layout serves to be increasingly handy when it comes to making announcements on sales, discounts, and other promotional events. It can be assumed that the color contrast sets the stage for the viewers to explore more.

Efficient Utility of Negative Space

Through the use of black-and-white emails, businesses can efficiently use negative spaces. This can be described as being the vacant space along design elements and can be efficiently used in an effort to avoid an overly cluttered look. Therefore, the minimalistic design is bound to grab the attention of the viewers.

Key Points to Remember

Mentioned below are some of the key factors that must be kept in mind when designing black and white emails.

  • Many believe that simple black and white emails represent class as well as the overall sophistication of a certain brand.
  • Brands can ensure that they place more emphasis on the overall quality of an email via a minimalistic black-and-white design.
  • Marketers can seamlessly and effectively harness the capabilities of black and white designs for announcements in hopes of increasing overall consumer engagement.

Some Great Examples of Black and White Emails

1.   The North Face

When it came to promoting its Winter Collection, the North Face resorted to the active use of black and white email logo. This move enabled the target audience to think about the weather and also made them buy winter apparel.

2.   Netflix

Another brand on the list that effectively used black and white emails for promotional campaigns is Netflix. The streaming platform promoted one of its shows, The Crown, via a monochrome design. When it comes to overall success, it was observed that a great percentage of people displayed increased interest in learning more about the show.

3.   Nike

The renowned brand resorted to the use of black and white emails to announce its venture with Virgil Abloh. Most of its emails displayed a picture of the latter’s shoes, and the move was successful in developing a sense of excitement among the target audience.

4.   H&M

As long as H&M is concerned, the brand relied on black and white email strategies to promote its sustainable clothing line. The strategy turned out to be increasingly successful as the target audience understood the brand’s undying commitment to sustainability.

5.   Spotify

The black and white email from Spotify included several album covers from various artists when it came to the promotion of its weekly playlist. As a result, the audience became curious and started listening to these playlists to actually know what songs were included in them.

6.   Tesla

Tesla harnessed the capabilities of black and white emails a while back to promote its newly launched Model 3. The strategy turned out to be increasingly successful as it managed to create both excitement and demand for the car.

7.   National Geographic

The renowned platform used the email logo black and white to seamlessly promote its photography magazine. Furthermore, the email also included a few images of a captivating landscape and it managed to persuade people to learn more about the world.

8.   Sephora

The brand used the strategy to effectively promote its line of beauty products. The email consisted of imagery of some of its existing as well as new products, which encouraged users to increase their overall purchases from the brand.

9.   The White Company

The White Company believed that the use of mail black and white was an ideal strategy for the promotion of its vast homeware collection. The email displayed an image of an increasingly stylish home, and the minimalistic design made the target audience design their homes in a similar fashion.

10. Apple

The last brand that ideally utilized black and white mail techniques for the promotion of its campaigns is Apple. The tech giant used the technique to ideally promote its Think Different program and was successful in inspiring people to think outside the box in almost all situations.

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