7 Tips on Surviving and Thriving During Your Freshman Year

Starting college is a huge leap! You’ve got classes, new hangouts, and maybe even living away from home for the first time. It’s certainly a rollercoaster of a time. But there’s no need to fear!

I’ve got seven secrets up my sleeve to not just survive but totally rock your freshman year. But if you are confused about something, be sure to let me know through the comment section below.

1: Don’t Buy Your Books Right Away

Before you go splurging on textbooks, let me give you a tip! Sometimes, professors don’t need every single book they put on the syllabus. And guess what? Some might just use parts of a book and put it online for you. So, hold off before hitting that bookstore!

If you do need them, check out different places and stores for the best possible deals. Trust me, those campus bookstores? They can really jack up those prices.

When it comes to textbooks for your classes, hitting up your school library could be an amazing move. But you gotta hustle because those babies tend to get snatched up quick!

If you strike out there, don’t sweat it. You can always buy some secondhand books which cost less than brand new ones. Oh, and there are these websites like LibGen where you can score free PDFs of the textbooks you need. Handy, right?

2: Effective Time Management will be a Key

Unlike what most people think, a college isn’t another version of a high school. I mean, the latter isn’t as strict as the former – and you literally can’t wing your entire syllabus in one night here.

And College classes? They’re like high school classes on steroids – tougher, more demanding.

So, what’s the secret sauce? Time management, my friend. Seriously, it’s key.

Get yourself a planner, jot down your schedule, and stick to it. Trust me, it’ll save your sanity. Plus, keeping track of what you’ve accomplished each day feels pretty darn good.

Oh, and breaks? Don’t forget those. You got to make time to recharge, exercise, and maybe even take a little nap. It’s all about finding that balance, you know?

3: Don’t Take the Harder Classes in a Single Semester

When starting college, it’s tempting to tackle all the hard classes right away. But mixing it up can be smart! Try blending tough courses with some easier or more enjoyable ones. This balance can reduce stress and give you breathing room.

It’s also a good idea to research before signing up. Talk to former students about the class’s difficulty, check Rate My Professors for reviews, and consult your advisor to avoid overload. Stay cautious and find your balance!

4: Socialize with Your Peers

A top tip for first-year students is to make connections outside their dorm.

It might feel nerve-wracking at first, but reaching out to others is key. Starting with small talk can break the ice, and being open-minded to diverse backgrounds is crucial.

Staying in touch with new acquaintances is essential too. Don’t miss out on college events—they’re great for meeting fellow students and professors and expanding your social circle.

5: Take Care of Your Health

When you start university, especially far from your home, looking after yourself becomes extra important. With the limited time you have on your hands, it’s easy to choose an unhealthy meal that takes only a while to make. Many people also tend to skip exercise.

So, if you want to avoid these, it’s important to eat your veggies and fruits all the time and drink a lot of water. Proper sleep (seven to eight hours) will also be important for you.

And once you’re done with your classes, don’t forget to hit the gym, even if it’s for only an hour. Relaxing with Netflix or friends is definitely something you will need during your college life.

But the aforesaid good practices will play a significant role in your life too.

6: Join A Club or Another

Getting involved on campus is awesome, and joining clubs is a fantastic way to do it! Colleges usually have loads of clubs covering all sorts of interests.

Seriously, whatever floats your boat, there’s probably a club for it. If you’re curious about what’s out there, swing by your college’s club fair at the start of the year.

It’s like a buffet of clubs—check them out and see which ones catch your eye!

Getting involved in a club is awesome for trying out new stuff and mingling with fresh faces. And if you pick a club geared toward your studies or future job, it’s like hitting the jackpot for making connections, staying in the loop, and snagging chances like internships.

7: Make Some Time for Yourself

Are you feeling the pressure of understanding what you can do with your weekends and evenings in college? I mean, there are way too many things to do – and that’s problematic.

So, here’s a tip: Be open to trying new things, but always stay true to yourself.

These first weeks might push you to step outside your comfort zone but don’t forget your values just to fit in. Hang out with people who uplift you and attend events where you can vibe with the crowd. And hey, don’t forget to embrace your awesomeness! You’ve totally got this!

Bonus: Find Your Mentor

It’s totally cool to lean on someone older and wiser during this wild college ride. Look out for a senior you admire, or just connect with an older student you meet around campus.

They can be your go-to for navigating courses, dealing with professors, or just lending an ear when things get hectic. Oh, and if you’re into it, joining a Bible study is a sweet way to find that mentor, too—your leader’s already psyched to get to know you!

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The Bottom Line – Find the Right Friends!

Starting college can feel overwhelming with all the new faces around.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone! Take the chance to talk to people wherever you are – in your dorm, classes, or even waiting for coffee. If you don’t click immediately, that’s okay!

Finding your group takes time. Just keep being open, and soon enough, you’ll have your own crew to navigate college with. Enjoy the ride!

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