8 Skills You Need to Become a Top Salesperson

A top salesperson is a kind of magician in their field. A magician and a sorcerer who can realize what others are not capable of and make the impossible possible.

How to distinguish an ordinary salesman from an extraordinary one? Easy and simple. Upon entering a store, have you ever seen such a picture – the seller huddles against the wall and indifferently examines those who entered? 

You are witnessing an employee who is not oriented toward success. The reason for this is laziness. The habit of monotonously sitting all day at work, ticking the “I was here” box. Although if desired, everyone can move the inner lazy person to the side. It is necessary to have motivation for this, sparkle in the eyes, and love for your profession.

To most, a salesman looks like an ordinary person who knows how to count money well and does not expose their personality to customers. The economic crisis forced almost every other person who did not settle down in life and did not find their vocation to become a salesman or woman. 

That is why we increasingly see people who are not standing next to sales professionals. Like jugglers, they can control the purchase process and set the tone of communication with the client, although the latter does not even suspect it.

An employer who is looking at various resumes of applicants for the position of sales consultant will definitely pay attention to the creativity of a person’s thinking. So what you need to do is to create an attractive CV and add a creative cover letter to it. If you need a really good cover letter, you should pay for an essay at phd dissertation writing services. Professionals there will make your letter flawless and interesting.

Sales is a creative process, and it requires good communication skills, a lively mind, and imagination. The applicant’s appearance, facial expressions, and reaction to the most unexpected questions play an important role.

But what should an ideal salesperson be like? Researchers from many countries have studied this issue. In addition to research groups, many experts in the field of advertising, sales, and brand promotion (David Ogilvy, Robert Kiyosaki, Philip Graves, Jack Trout, Al Rice, and others) reflected the qualities of an ideal salesperson in their works. Here are the qualities that, in their opinion, a person should have in order to sell successfully:

Ability To Listen And Hear

An ideal salesperson feels the interlocutor and knows how to say the right phrase in time or when to remain silent, letting the client speak. Find hidden motives, fears, and pains in the context and offer solutions. If you see the client as an interlocutor who needs understanding and sensitivity and not just a wallet, sales will go better.

Talent To Speak Simply And Clearly

The sales process is a dialogue, and even if you’re selling turbine engines for spacecraft, keep it simple. A good salesperson knows how to talk about complex things simply and to the point.

Here’s a simple test: find a 6-year-old and explain to them what you’re selling and why they should buy it. If they understand, you will be able to convey the benefits of your product to any real client.

The Ability To Ask The Right Questions

At the beginning of the conversation, ask about the mood of the client. This is done simply to establish contact. Show genuine interest – this builds a person’s trust in you.

A trained seller knows that there are different types of questions (closed, open, alternative, and rhetorical) and knows how to use them in a timely manner in a conversation.

To identify the client’s needs, it is better to use open-ended questions that allow for a detailed answer and space for expressing one’s own ideas and the buyer’s relationship.

Alternative questions, which involve choosing an answer from two or three proposed options, and closed questions, which require a clear answer, are suitable for closing the deal.


Clients are different, situations are even more so, and so is the buyer’s mood. Learn to adapt to people’s moods, speak in non-standard phrases, and act according to the situation. Even if nothing goes according to plan, the ideal salesperson knows how to conduct a conversation naturally.

This part should not be very difficult for students, right? College scholars adjust all the time. They know the services to save money on or where to earn an extra buck quickly. Flexibility is their second name.

Impeccable Knowledge Of The Product

Whatever you sell, you need to know everything about it. If you give the customer all the necessary knowledge about the things for sale, including small but important details, you will not only push them to buy but also help solve their problem and relieve their pain.

A knowledgeable seller is an authority, an expert in the eyes of the buyer. Knowledge of the product gives rise to confidence in its quality, and belief in what you are selling contributes to better sales results. If you are not confident in the product you represent, it will be noticeable.

Charisma And Self-Confidence

A gray, unmemorable person will not instill trust in clients or the desire to speak with them as an equal. This is the image the client will transfer to the product. If you radiate self-confidence, your image is successful, the same qualities will automatically be attributed to what you sell.

High Level Of Self-Organization

Selling is not only a conversation but also related operations: 

  • preparation of documents, 
  • mediation between the client and management, 
  • study of the interlocutor, 
  • organization of meetings, 
  • product presentation, and so on.

Are you never late and always send product information and documents to the client on time? Do you take the initiative in making appointments and calling clients? This is already 50% of success! Self-organization will help you to get a dream job not just offline but also freelance. A successful seller adheres to agreements and leads the client to the deal step by step, with light pressure.

Activity And Energy

This skill is a logical continuation of the previous one. You can provide the customer with the information they need and ask the right questions. But if you are not decisive and persistent, you will not close the deal. Remind them about yourself. Ask questions. Offer to clarify the data. Ask the customer what they need to make the purchase. Be proactive but not pushy.


Good sellers are not born – people become them in the process of constant practice. To increase your sales ability faster, do the following:

  • Observe those who are already successful. Adopting techniques used in negotiations by experienced colleagues is not plagiarism. It is effective learning by observation. Adapt the techniques to yourself, observe customers, and try to understand them. You will see the result very soon.
  • Constantly study and practice. What worked today won’t necessarily work tomorrow. The world is changing, and in order to sell, you need to be flexible. Look for new approaches and technologies, see new customer needs, etc. Constantly improve together with your product. This will have a positive effect on sales.
  • Watch your health. There are meals that can boost your brain function and help you be more productive. And don’t forget about exercise – physical appearance is very important for a salesperson.
  • Sell what you believe in. If you are not sure about the benefits of the product and do not know it in detail, you will never be a perfect salesperson. Look for something that you would really like to buy for yourself.

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