Acapulco Shore, they claim that they are paid large amounts of money

They quickly became a trend the reality Acapulco Shore with its premiere yesterday, have you ever wondered how much the participants earn, they say it is a lot of money.

It quickly became a trend in social networks having great success with its first episode of the seventh season.

Much is expected of the new delivery, surely the dramas, the party and above all the fun will be wholesale, there is no doubt that the participants know how to attract attention.

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According to El Heraldo, each participant takes a very good amount of money for attending parties and others, in this broadcast the calls "Acashores" they went on vacation to the beautiful port of Mazatlan, Sinala, Mexico.

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People say that Manelyk González, Karime Pindter, Jawy, Potro and Tadeo They are the ones who have had large sums of money for being older in reality. Can you imagine what it would be like to be paid to go rumba?

The young press newspaper (Heraldo de Mexico) states that Manelyk is the one who earns the most money, during the first broadcast of the program he started earning seven thousand dollars, however thanks to its popularity for this season he entered winning 60 thousand dollars, in Mexican pesos it translates to: $ 1,307,400.00 pesos.

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All the participants started by earning $ 7,000, Jawy win today $ 708,175 pesos which is $ 32,500.

Potro (Luis Caballero) earns slightly less than Jawy $ 697,280 pesos the same as 32 thousand dollars; although the amount of the creditor is not known exactly Tadeo According to the newspaper, it is said to range between 10,000 dollars, which is approximately $ 217,900 pesos.

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Apparently knowing how to enjoy a good party and being charismatic has its rewards, being popular has worked quite well for the participants.

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