‘AJ and The Queen’ Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

‘AJ and The Queen’ Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The comedy-drama a series “AJ & the Queen”, starring the legendary RuPaul as Ruby Red, recounts the tale of a drag queen whose plans to start a bar are dashed when her life funds are taken.

In reaction, she sets off across America in search of what she has lost, whereupon she comes finds a 10-year-old orphan hidden in her van. But can we anticipate more now that the first season is over? Explore now.

In the Netflix original comedy AJ and the Queen, RuPaul Charles plays drag queen Ruby Red, and Izzy G plays AJ, a loud 10-year-old with street cred & a chip on her shoulder, who joins Robert on his escapades.

On January 10, 2020, AJ and the Queen season 1 made its Netflix premiere. The finale leaves viewers wondering if season 2 of RuPaul’s new program would air.

RuPaul, a legendary drag performer, will take a brief hiatus from the realm of his popular competition program Drag Race in 2020 to host a scripted television series.

In the movie AJ and the Queen, he takes on the persona of the feisty Ruby Red, who sets out on a quest to recover her life’s savings when they are taken from her. Here is all the information you need regarding AJ and the Queen.

‘AJ and The Queen’ Season 3 Release Date:

Get free notifications when AJ and the Queen is canceled or renewed. There won’t be a third season of AJ and the Queen since it was canceled on March 8th, 2020.

‘AJ and The Queen’ Season 3 Trailer Release:

For those viewers who have waited up until now, there is also no season 3 trailer. Very sad. If there are any updates on the third season, we’ll keep you informed, but for now, we can just watch the trailer for the first season.

‘AJ and The Queen’ Season 3 Cast:

  • RuPaul Charles as Robert Lincoln Lee/Ruby Red
  • Izzy G. as Amber Jasmine “AJ” Douglas
  • Michael-Leon Wooley as Louis Bell/Cocoa Butter
  • Josh Segarra as Hector Ramirez/Damien Sanchez
  • Katerina Tannenbaum as Brianna Douglas, AJ’s mother
  • Tia Carrere as Leilani Kala’i/Lady Danger

‘AJ and The Queen’ Season 3 Storyline:

Although “AJ and the Queen”‘s first season does include some unresolved narrative lines, it’s not strictly a typical cliffhanger. As we’ve already indicated, there are still several unanswered mysteries and prospective stories that may be developed in a future second season.

The main protagonists, Robert/Ruby Red and AJ, have had a major epiphany about their dependence on one another and the difficulties they will encounter in the future. A new level of emotional depth is added to the narrative by the revelation that AJ’s grandpa is a fraud and that her mother lied.

The first season finishes with some missing pieces, but it doesn’t do it in a way that leaves fans inexplicably unable to wait. Instead, it lays the groundwork for potential future routes the plot may go in if the program were to air a second season. Unfortunately, since the program has been canceled, we may never get to see things materialize.

Ruby plans to stop performing as a drag queen on the road by investing her $100,000 life’s savings in the down-town drag nightclub in New York City.

Damien, her romantic interest and business partner, evidently conned her since her credit card was declined, forcing her to get back on the road.

AJ, a neighbor’s youngster who has been virtually abandoned by her drug-abusing prostitute mother and needs a place to sleep after they were evicted, sneaks onto Ruby’s mini-RV.

For a performance, Ruby and AJ go to Pittsburgh. Ruby learns that AJ is short for Amber Jasmine and that AJ is truly a female. At a cafe off the highway, AJ’s phone is forgotten, but Ruby is friendly with the server and makes arrangements to take it up on the way home. Later, Ruby finds a Jasmine doll while searching AJ’s bag for his own phone.

AJ said that becoming a female would be pointless since no one bothers guys. When Damien and his accomplice learn that Ruby recorded the theft, they decide to pursue Ruby and AJ to Pittsburgh. Ruby and AJ leave for Ruby’s subsequent job.

The primary characters AJ and “the Queen” Robert are followed as they learn to know one another in the first season of AJ and the Queen.

The interpersonal conflict between these two unlikely friends and the threat posed by Lady Danger and Hector, two criminals who are pursuing the two travelers with the goal of “silencing” Robert (although their commitment to actually killing the drag queen is admittedly dubious), make up the drama of season 1.

Louis is left behind in New York City as AJ and Robert travel, where he must deal with his own dramas with Officer Kennedy as well as Brianna, AJ’s careless mother, who formerly resided in the flat above Robert & Louis before being evicted.

The majority of these plots remain unresolved as Season 1 comes to a close: Louis walks in on Officers Kennedy with another guy and, appropriately, rushes out in rage.

The two may make up in Season 2. In the closing scene of the episode, Brianna reunites with AJ, but it is obvious that AJ is upset with her mother, & Robert is devastated to lose the 10-year-old. The conclusion of the season suggests that season 2 will center on Robert’s quest to reconcile with AJ.

‘AJ and The Queen’ Season 3 Review:

The program is described as a “total drag” by The Guardian, but according to Ready Steady Cut it is a Netflix hit show with RuPaul at the helm.

‘AJ and The Queen’ Season 3 Rating:

AJ and the Queen’s first season garnered a 56% approval ratings on Rotten Tomatoes according to 25 examines, with an average score of 5.6 out of 10.

Where To Watch ‘AJ and The Queen’ Season 3?

Netflix offers the first season of AJ and the Queen for streaming. The first season of AJ and the Queen’s episodes are listed below. To see, click here.

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