Alexa Dellanos delights thousands lying on a deck chair from the beach for Instagram

The famous model Alexa Dellanos, daughter of Myrka Dellanos, considers the beach as her home and at the moment she only wishes she could spend a few moments tanning just like in this photograph.

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The snapshot was taken a few weeks ago before all this happened and the beaches were closed, since at the moment we are all missing the power to go enjoy the sand, water and sun.

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She was so well received by her fans that she managed to collect more than 44,000 likes and hundreds of comments in which they are dedicated to highlighting her beauty with compliments and compliments, thanks to the fact that the young woman is one of her favorites on the social network and they delight with every snapshot that goes up.

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At these moments Alexa can only observe the beach from her balcony, one of her favorite places to spend this quarantine, because there she exercises and meditates one or another book, which helps her to spend time faster and at the same time take care to your loved ones.

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The young woman has also shown her great concern for her mother, who continued to go to her job to give news, since she is very responsible and has decided to continue despite everything, but of course following the rules of health.

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We have all been affected by this situation, in fact Alexa has not been able to take new photographs because most of them are inside her house and seem a bit boring, however, her fans tell her that this is not the case and please continue taking it. more daring pictures and upload it to your account for the moment we can only wait.

Alexa is used to great attention and fame so intense comments do not bother her at all, because she learned to ignore them and only take the positive, since some people are very nice to her.

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