Matt Damon one of us fans of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez: “I hope they get back together!”

A few hours after the release of the official trailer for Stillwater, his new film directed by Todd McCarthy, Matt Damon he tackled a rather thorny topic: the noisy gossip rumors they want Ben Affleck e Jennifer Lopez together again.

And Matt Damon, Affleck’s longtime friend, hopes like all the fans that the speculations about the return of the flame between Ben and Jennifer are well founded: for those who have not known, the director of Argo and his ex-girlfriend were spotted together at the airport in Montana and then back in Los Angeles, fueling rumors that their old relationship would be restarting.

But is it possible that Damon doesn’t know anything about his best friend’s love life? Unlikely, and in fact in talking about it during a virtual appearance on the US show Today, he refused to reveal any private details. But he replied: “There is not enough alcohol in the world to force me to say something about this “, also stating that “The first time I heard about it was with these gossip rumors. But it’s a very fascinating story, and I hope it’s I love both of them, and I hope for them it’s true. That would be great.

We remember that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez met on the set of Extreme love and were engaged from November 2002 to January 2004, having also worked together with Jersey Girl. Also on the set, Affleck met two other important women in his life, his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, met on the set of Mark Steven Johnson’s Daredevil, and Ana de Armas, with whom he began a relationship on the set of the still unreleased Deep water by Adrian Lyne after leaving the known problems of alcohol abuse behind.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck will be back together on the big screen with The Last Duel, one of the three new films by Ridley Scott: the couple of friends, in addition to acting as protagonists, also wrote the screenplay for the opera, more than twenty years after the Oscar shared for Will Hunting.

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