Alice In Borderland Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Alice In Borderland Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Just as Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) and his friends believed they were safe and sound, the gamemaster pulled the Joker, a particularly difficult card, from the deck.

Honestly, we always thought this was going to happen. It was impossible for the Joker to not show up from the moment the face card arrived.

What happens now for the bruised gamers who believed they had returned to the “real world” (the foolish optimistic saps)? Fans must wait until season three to see if there will be one. Here is all we know about season three of Alice in Borderland.

After a two-year hiatus, Alice in Wonderland has finally made a stunning second season debut on Netflix. Fans, however, are anxious to hear whether there will be any more after seeing those eight gripping episodes.

In season 2 of Alice in Borderland, Arisu and Usagi link up with both recognizable faces from season 1 and brand-new characters to fight against the Face Card residents of Borderland.

Numerous characters pass away, new alliances develop, and the season’s finale has one extremely enormous surprise that completely changes the game.

Alice In Borderland Season 3 Release Date:

Season three of Alice in Borderland has been said to be in the works, but there is currently no official word on whether or not the show has been renewed for a third season. We naturally stay optimistic since there is still a great deal of the tale to be revealed.

With both seasons arriving in December, fans had to patiently wait little over two years for the second season to follow the first. That does not necessarily imply, therefore, that we should put Christmas 2024 on our calendars.

Alice In Borderland Season 3 Trailer Release:

Since the release date for Season 2 of Alice in Borderland has not been determined, the official trailer has not yet appeared. Since the second season will debut in December 2022, a teaser should be accessible in a few months.

Alice In Borderland Season 3 Cast:

The official cast roster for the forthcoming season is not yet known with any precision. Furthermore, we believe it is reasonable to assume that the majority of the show’s core characters & series regulars will likely return for a second season. Check out the probable season cast below while keeping that in mind:

  • Ryhei Arisu, played by Kento Yamazaki
  • Yuzuha Usag, played by Tao Tsuchiya
  • Shuntar Chishiya, Nijir Murakami 
  • Ayaka Miyoshi as Ann Rizuna.
  • Suguru Niragi, played by Dori Sakurada
  • Aya Asahina As Hikari Kuina, 

In addition, there may be a new character added to the series’ cast already stated.

Alice In Borderland Season 3 Storyline:

Allies in Alice in Borderland had to play card games while they were imprisoned in an abandoned Tokyo. They received visas after winning the first game, which were then extended while they kept playing card games.

Red lasers fired from the sky are used to exterminate those whose visas have expired, and Season 1 ended with a flashback showing Momoka traveling through the deserted city with her companion Asahi while recording on her phone. When Arisu approached Aguni, he told him that his closest buddy Hatter wasn the victim and that he wasn’t the witch.

Momoka is revealed to be the witch by Arisu, and although Aguni attempts to kill Niragi, the other players successfully drive Momoka into the blaze. Chisaya draws the last card, Arisu and Usagi watch Asahi’s movies before the players exit the burning hotel. Asahi committed suicide.

The film reveals that Asahi and Momoka traveled to a gamemasters’ lair in secret and that they work as dealers for people who arrange games for renewing their visas. When Usagi and Arisu locate the lair, they learn that the gamemasters have been slaughtered. Finally, a strange lady named Mira makes an appearance and displays a fresh selection of face card collecting games.

Well, the future season’s narrative hasn’t been extensively discussed by the creators yet. We’ll soon find out since the second season will begin airing in December 2022.

We anticipate a major surprise for Arisu and company next season. The revelation of the card with a joke shows they are far from “the real world,” despite having entered what they thought to be it in the season finale.

There are a ton more Alice in Wonderland allusions that might be made. For starters, we haven’t yet seen Tweedledum or Tweedledee changing the meaning of terms to suit their purposes.

It’s possible that every participant is present in virtual reality setting similar to the one that Arisu encountered in the finale. Arisu was led to believe that he was in the hospital and that these games were only a figment of his imagination during that hallucination.

Thankfully, with Usagi’s assistance, he managed to escape that psychological snare, but had they all passed up the opportunity to turn into game inhabitants, it’s likely that they would have all fallen into another.

They’ll need to escape since it’s possible that a fresh game has already begun without their knowledge. The squad won’t be able to do that since they don’t remember the games or how they communicate with one another.

As the players advanced to the face card level, the cards became more challenging, intense, and severe; as a result, the Joker now has the potential to be the cruelest among them all.

If it takes on the traits associated with its moniker, “joker,” Arisu’s damaged gang may be in for a number of evil ploys and manipulations as long as the gamemasters continue to use them as puppets.

The victory of Arisu and company, who turned out to be former players who had become “citizens,” spelled the end of the face-card gamemasters.

The players were offered the option to become citizens upon winning the last face-card game, or they could reject the offer and gamble on whatever destiny (in this case, their pseudo-reality) threw at them.

While many declined the opportunity to continue playing under less perilous conditions, new characters Banda (Hayato Isomura) & Yaba (Katsuya Maiguma) elected to become residents, which suggests that they may serve as the new gamemasters for season three.

The storyline for the forthcoming season is still a secret. If we go back and review the Season 2 finale, we see that the survivors don’t recall their experiences in the other world at the conclusion of the last episode, but some of them do, like Arisu & Usagi, who meet at a vending machine & decide to go for a stroll together.

The final image shows an array of playing cards with the Joker card in the center of the frame. We anticipate the third season will continue where the second one did, given the same.

Where To Watch Alice In Borderland Season 3?

Netflix is offering the initial season of Alice in Wonderland. Since the creators have not disclosed any modifications pertaining to the OTT platform, Alice in Borderland season two is likewise anticipated to debut on the same site.

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