All the Same… or Not Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

All the Same… or Not Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Luly Trigo’s Na porta ao lado serves as the basis for the second season of the Disney+ comedy-drama show All the Same… or Not. The show’s writers, Andre Rodrigues & Luly Trigo, are under the leadership of Juliana Vonlanten.

On May 25, 2022, the first season premiered to positive reviews and high viewership. Preparing for another year of school, the beach, & fun in their beloved Rio de Janeiro, Carol and her pals Beta, Trix, Pri, and Amanda were the focus of the first season, which premiered on Disney+ last year.

In the midst of making important choices about their lives as teenagers, including the first time they love, their first time together, and more, their relationship is tested in ways they never imagined. But doing everything as a team would be simple, right?

All the Same or Not is a Brazilian comedy-drama series produced by Cinefilm for Disney+ that targets children and teenagers. The Brazilian young adult novel Na porta ao lado by Luly Trigo served as inspiration for the series. The 10 episodes of the first season were released on May 25, 2022, on Disney+ in Brazil.

In December 2020, Gabriella Saraivah was confirmed as the main character of the series. Filming for Disney+ is discussed in the video by Gabriella and the series’ creator, Lully Trigo.

The series adaption was developed by André Rodrigues & Luly Trigo, with production by Cinefilmed. The recordings officially started in March 2021 in São Paulo.

All the Same… or Not Season 2 Release Date:

May 2022 was the airdate of the first episode of the initial season. A further season was quickly requested to be produced. That would place the premiere of Season 2 in the year 2023.

Although it has not been confirmed, it is quite probable that the next season will retain the same 10 episodes as the inaugural season. The show, which was produced by Cinefilm, will be shown by Disney Platform Distribution.

All the Same… or Not Season 2 Trailer Release:

There is currently no video preview for Season 2 of All the Same or Not.

All the Same… or Not Season 2 Cast:

  • Gabriella Saraivah as Carol
  • Ana Jeckel as Beta
  • Duda Matte as Trix
  • Clara Buarque as Amanda
  • Guilhermina Libanio, as Pri
  • Guthierry Sotero as Bruno
  • Ronald Sotto as Bernardo
  • Daniel Botelho as Tomás
  • Kiko Pissolato as Carlos
  • Miá Mello as Beth

All the Same… or Not Season 2 Storyline:

All the Same or Not’s writers have spilled the beans on the show’s second season narrative. Fans are hoping it would continue right after Season 1. Carol, who is sixteen years old, is going through a time of major transitions in her life.

Managing her mother’s impending marriage to her new lover and her own impending relationship with her stepbrother are two of Carol’s looming challenges.

On the other hand, Carol starts her first serious relationship & goes through a series of events that test her friendships with her longstanding friends as the new school year begins.

Carol goes through the regular ups and downs of puberty while experiencing feelings she has never had before. Knowing oneself and honoring one’s emotions, flaws and all, is the foundation of happiness, she discovers.

It is anticipated that Mia Mello, Ronald Sotto, Guthierry Sotero, Kiko Pissolato, Duda Matte, Ana Jeckel, Clara Buarque, Guilhermina Libanio, and Daniel Botelho would play the lead parts in the ensemble.

Along with Carol (Gabriella Saraivah), the protagonist of “Tudo Igual SQN” goes on a life-altering journey. Meanwhile, she must cope with her mother’s impending marriage to her new lover and the imminent meeting of their son.

On the flip side, she embarks on her first romantic relationship and faces unexpected challenges with her long-lost friends, which tests their bond.

Consequently, she encounters the usual challenges of puberty, delving into feelings she had never experienced before and discovering, through her many blunders, that knowing oneself and accepting one’s emotions is the first path to happiness.

Carol, who is sixteen years old, is experiencing a time of profound personal growth. Carol must deal with the fact that her mother is getting married to her new lover and that she will soon be dating her stepbrother.

Conversely, Carol begins her first serious relationship and goes through a number of events with her long-term friends that challenge their connection as the new academic year starts in high school.

As she navigates the normal ups and downs of adolescence, Carol feels sensations she hadn’t experienced before. Also, she figures out that being true to herself and accepting her emotions, flaws and all, is the key to happiness.

In the midst of Carol’s first serious relationship and the start of a new school year, she and her best friend of a lifetime encounter difficulties that put their bond to the test.

As an adolescent, Carol deals with new emotions and the normal challenges of growing up. She learns the hard way that the key to happiness is being okay with who you are and how you feel, flaws and all. Among the main actors are Ronald Sotto, Mia Mello, Kiko Pissolato, and Daniel Botelho. Libanio Guilhermina, Sotto Ronaldo, and Sotero Guthierry.

Gabriella Saraivah portrays Carol in “Tudo Igual SQN,” where she experiences a string of pivotal moments in her life. However, she will soon have to accept her mother’s marriage to her new partner and meet the kid of her new stepfather.

In contrast, she tests the boundaries of her connection with her old pals via a series of unforeseen circumstances and her first sexual involvement.

Consequently, she has to face the typical difficulties of puberty, including making plenty of errors while also experiencing feelings she has never felt previously and learning that the key to happiness is self-awareness and emotional acceptance.

Where To Watch All the Same… or Not Season 2?

Season 2 of the Brazilian exclusive sitcom “All the Same… Or Not,” also known as “Tudo Igual… SQN!”, will premiere on Disney+ from September 27, 2023, according to Disney.

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