Analog Squad Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Analog Squad Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Analog Squad, or Rozina na Pokaz, is a funny and touching Thai soap about family, working together, and problems like feeling guilty all the time regarding not being enough.

This show is also about how far someone will go to get their relatives to accept them. There you have it. This piece is just for people who have seen Season 1 of Analog Squad.

We’re sure that after perusing this, you are going to give this Thai show a chance, even if you haven’t seen it yet. We’ll talk about the story of Analog Squad, when to watch it, how it ends (with spoilers), and how it’s rated.

When and Where Will Analog Squad Ott Come Out? Season 1 of Analog Squad will come on television on December 7, 2023. Most fans are interested in when Analog Squad Ott will come out, what time it will air, who will be in it, and other information. All of the new details about Season 1 of Analog Squad can be found on this page.

The show has a unique idea that was written by Aummaraporn Phandintong, Nithiwat Tharathorn, and Sopana Chaowwiwatkul. The job of a group of outsiders is to play separated family members who need to fix the problems in a broken family.

Analog Squad Season 2 Release Date:

We hope that by the year’s end in 2024, Netflix will announce public news about Season 2 of Analog Squad.

Analog Squad Season 2 Trailer Release:

As of right now, there is no promo video for Season 2 of The Analog Squad.

Analog Squad Season 2 Cast:

  • Wipawee Patnasiri
  • Namfon Kullanut
  • Nopachai Chaiyanam
  • Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram

Analog Squad Season 2 Storyline:

For thirty years, Pond hasn’t seen his family. When he finds out that his father is in the intensive care unit, Pond plans to create a fake family by getting some kids and an old flame.

Mam, whose real name is Lily, will play Pond’s wife; Mag, whose real name is Bung and who graduated from ABAC and now works at Thai Air, will play his daughter; and finally, Mon, whose real name is Keg, will play Meg’s little brother and is a medical student who wants to become a doctor.

Once things have gone bad, Mon gets a low-paying job in a call center in order to make ends meet. It’s not clear, but Ken has a degree in business and wants to live in the U.S. to work in a restaurant. Ken really would like to flee his homeland because he doesn’t feel free or have many chances to make a better life for himself here.

Ken finds out on one of his visits that Pond had been searching for young players and was willing to pay a lot for an entire day of work. Ken didn’t want to miss the chance because the payout was so big.

Pond had to hire Ken even though he wasn’t a good actress because his father was on life support and wouldn’t be alive for much longer. What about Bung? He worked in a video store and loved movies so much that he had seen every single one that his store sold. Bung, too, couldn’t say no to the 100,000-baht actor job. Bung, on the other hand, had some experience and had been a stage actor for a while.

Bung also got Pond to reimburse him twice as much as he paid other people. When asked why he was lying to his dying father, Pond said that he had no choice because his ex-wife had taken the kids away and separated him. Lily used to be Pond’s girlfriend when he attended college. Pond was in a tough spot, so Lily agreed to pretend to be his wife.

As soon as Pond gets to the hospital, he gets informed that his father’s oxygen will be taken away soon and that he shouldn’t wait any longer. When Bung sees the old man on his deathbed, she thinks twice.

For a moment, she can’t convince herself to trick the old man into thinking she is his granddaughter, but Lily changes her mind. Lily, on the other hand, feels bad for a similar reason and can’t stop crying in the hospital bathroom.

The doctors turn off the life support for Pond’s father so that he can die on his own time. This gives Lily, as well as Pond’s mom, some much-needed alone time to talk about things that matter to them. Lily then finds out that Pond hadn’t seen his dad in decades as a result of the Apollo mission.

After hearing that the grandkids have come to visit, the old man suddenly gets better in the morning. This makes things more interesting.

The doctors can’t believe it and say that his healing is a miracle. Pond rapidly makes it clear that he’s leaving for Bangkok once his father is healthy and not dying, so the happiness doesn’t last long.

Pond, a middle-aged man, gathers a diverse group of people to make an artificial family to be with him at the deathbed of his distant father. Pond wants to make his dad proud one last time, which is why they are getting together in this strange way. During a time when finding out who someone really was wasn’t easy, Pond manages this unusual family situation.

Lily, his ex-girlfriend, is asked to play his wife and mother to his fake children, Keg, a wild teenager who works at a pager company, as well as Bung, a tomboyish girl who operates a video rental store.

The story shows how the four characters deal with the complicated relationships between family members, learning what family really means while pretending to be one.

Pond doesn’t care about his current situation because he wants his parents to love and accept him so badly. He begs Lily to be his “wife,” and then he gets two teens, Kek and Bung, to be his “kids.”

Kek works for a pager company, and Bung runs her own video rental business. This show shows the crazy things this fake family does and the lies they have to tell to stay hidden and complete their goal.

Where To Watch Analog Squad Season 2?

You can connect to Netflix and watch Analog Squad. You can only legally watch this show on that site. Not only will using a legal site make watching better, but it will additionally spare you quite a bit of trouble. Malware and clicking on sketchy links by accident

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