Antboy, the review of the cinecomic on Prime Video

Pelle is a shy and awkward twelve-year-old boy, in love with the beautiful Amanda - the most popular girl in his class - who, however, does not even notice her existence.
One day at the end of the lessons he is chased by two bullies and ends up hiding in the garden of a lonely and mysterious villa. Here is bitten by an ant and passes out for a few hours.
Back home, during the next night Pelle suffers from strange nightmares and the next morning discovers that, while sleepwalking, he has swallowed enormous quantities of food. It will be only the first of the oddities that the young man will notice; after having smashed a piece of door with the simple touch of his hands and knocked out his physical education teacher, comrade Wilhelm - a great fan of comics - is convinced that following contact with the insect has inherited superpowers.
A well-founded suspicion that will lead Pelle to turn into executioner soon known as Antboy, terror of local crime.

Little superheroes grow up

It is true that the MCU has by now accustomed us to everything and more - just think of the brilliant metacinematographic-television contortions of WandaVision - but as the title could hypothetically suggest we are not facing a prequel on the origins of Ant-Man, but rather to a child-sized version of superhero mythology of Scandinavian production.
This is what was proposed in the seventy minutes of Antboy, the first chapter of a Danish trilogy that began in 2013, which tells us about the incredible adventures of the homonymous protagonist, a boy with an introverted character who finds himself overnight endowed with incredible strength and hyper acute senses.
A full-blown cinecomic, as the film is based on the comic series created by Kenneth B√łgh Andersen who, from his opening, takes with both hands from the relative stars and stripes universe: the main point of reference is undoubtedly Spider-Man, complete with a bite of an insect to instill the incredible abilities to the little one Skin.
From that moment on, the story follows an increasingly classic path, with the entry on the scene of the macchiettistico villain and a handful of showdowns to characterize the final half hour, with the doors open to the two further sequels then actually made.

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A linear plot

The result is narratively elementary, mainly aimed at an audience of small spectators who can easily become passionate about the events of the same age protagonist, struggling with all the various steps typical of that age. The first crush, the realization of one's place in the world and the discovery of friendship are part of this simplistic coming-of-age in fantastic sauce.
The surprises are almost at a minimum and the epilogue is already written, with a path without excessive jolts aimed at concluding this first Antboy adventure.
Debut director Ask Hasselbalch, also author of the subsequent episodes, directs on autopilot using the discreet special effects - the peculiarities of the ants, on the other hand, guarantee not just powers - and calls on a performer of experienced experience as Nicolas Bro, popular Danish actor seen among others in committed titles of the likes of Adam's apples (2006) e Brotherhood - Brotherhood (2009).
Available, like the entire saga, in the Amazon Prime Video catalog, the debut of this very young masked hero is recommended exclusively to the relevant target audience and to those who live on comics from morning to evening.

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