You Only Live Once, Carlo Verdone in the trailer for the new Amazon Prime Video movie

From 13 May on Amazon Prime Video it will be available for streaming You only live once, the new film by Carlo Verdone produced by Luigi and Aurelio DeLaurentiis. Let’s see together the trailer.

Carlo Verdone, Anna Foglietta, Rocco Papaleo and Max Tortora are the protagonists of Si vive once only, the new comedy that sees the actor from Viaggi di Nozze and Gallo Cedrone both at the screenplay and in the control room.

And as can be seen from the trailer that you can also find at the head of the news, this time too the film will be funny.

Professor Umberto Gastaldi (Carlo Verdone) leads a formidable medical team made up of the instrumentalist Lucia Santilli (Anna Foglietta), the anesthetist Amedeo Lasalandra (Rocco Papaleo) and his assistant Corrado Pezzella (Max Tortora): a team of excellent medical professionals but also and above all a group of unsuspected and implacable masters of mockery, surprising in teamwork and unsurpassed in giving birth to ruthless jokes, especially if the victim on duty is their friend Amedeo. But life is full of surprises and during a rambling road trip to the seas of the South of Italy – between surreal encounters, amazing revelations and hilarious adventures – the four friends will stumble upon an experience they will never forget. scene that could change their lives forever. Because anything can happen if a teenage heart beats under a white coat, behind a stethoscope“reads the Official synopsis of the film.

In the cast of You live only once, arriving in a few days on Amazon Prime Video, we also find Mariana Falace, Sergio Muniz and Livia Luppattelli.

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