Anyone But You (2024) Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Anyone But You (2024) Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The film “Anyone But You,” coming to theaters on January 5, 2024, via OTT in March of the same year (platform TBD), features Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell as the actors.

The English-language love drama Anyone But You is set for nationwide distribution in India. People both liked and hated the new movie trailer that came out not long ago.

We went over the OTT release date, platform, and TV rights for the movie Anyone But You here. Anyone But You has risen to the ranks of this year’s most anticipated romantic comedies since its introduction in January 2023.

The principal actors, Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, are the clear sources of excitement. Fans can already see what type of connection these two leads will have onscreen based on the first set of photographs.

Reports about Sydney and Glen Powell’s onscreen connection have caused the film to get a lot of attention, with many drawing comparisons to the onscreen chemistry between Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Anyone But You (2024) Release Date:

The filmmakers of Anyone But You have not yet announced when the film will be available on streaming services. Nevertheless, March 2024 is when we anticipate the film’s distribution on an OTT platform.

When deciding when Anyone But You will be available on streaming services, the filmmaker will have final control. It may take this film the typical one or two months to make it to an OTT platform, as is typical for low-budget films.

Anyone But You (2024) Trailer Release:

The Anyone But You (2024) trailer is available, I’m afraid.

Anyone But You (2024) Cast:

  • Sydney Sweeney as Bea
  • Glen Powell as Ben
  • Alexandra Shipp as Claudia
  • GaTa as Pete
  • Hadley Robinson as Halle
  • Michelle Hurd as Carol
  • Dermot Mulroney as Leo
  • Darren Barnet as Jonathan
  • Rachel Griffiths as Innie
  • Bryan Brown as Roger
  • Charlee Fraser as Margaret
  • Joe Davidson as Beau

Anyone But You (2024) Storyline:

An undergraduate law student named Bea meets Ben, a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs, in a coffee shop while they’re both attempting to get a key to the ladies’ room. They both fall in love with the other right away and spend the entire day and night cuddling on Ben’s sofa.

Bea sneaks out of bed first thing in the morning. After giving it some more thought, she goes back to her flat, where she overhears Ben criticizing her in a conversation with his buddy Pete.

When Bea’s sister Halle starts seeing Pete’s sister Claudia, the two unexpectedly cross paths after a six-month absence. The two treat each other coldly and point fingers at each other for the disastrous date.

A Sydney wedding is in the works after Halle and Claudia get engaged. Ben and Bea’s shared journey to Australia and their accommodation at Pete and Claudia’s parents’ home in the days before the wedding utterly disappoint Bea, who has secretly left law school and split up with her fiancé.

As if the animosity between Bea and Ben weren’t bad enough, the wedding party is further aggravated when Jonathan, Bea’s ex-fiancé, and Margaret, Ben’s ex-girlfriend, both show up.

To make sure the big day goes off without a hitch, the other guests figure out a way to bring Bea and Ben together, while Bea’s parents try to convince her to make up with Jonathan.

Seeing right through Ben and Margaret’s jealousy and Bea’s parents’ pressure to reconcile with Jonathan, Bea promptly devises a plan to pretend they’re dating.

Bea falls into Sydney Harbour after dancing with Ben and reenacting a scene from Titanic at a boat party, after early attempts to market the relationship fail.

Ben follows Bea into the water, and they chat on a buoy until help comes. They set a date to visit the Sydney Opera House when she informed him she was dropping out of law school. Ben irritates Bea by slipping away after they have sex after returning home.

Meeting Ben, a financial expert at Goldman Sachs, sets the stage for the narrative. Bea is a law student at Boston University. Their first date is unforgettable because of their immediate connection, but a tragic event ruins their growing passion.

They are coerced into acting as a couple for a Sydney wedding six months later. The subsequent emotional roller coaster is set in motion by the arrival of ex-partners and familial relationships, which feed the drama.

As they go through the act, the audience is captivated by the unexpected turns of events, which lead up to a touching conclusion at the famous Sydney Opera House.

When Bea and Ben, who are initially cold to one another, get caught up in a plan to pretend to be a couple, the story takes a fascinating turn.

The presence of long-lost romantic partners only serves to heighten the already palpable tension among the bridal party. The story takes place against Sydney’s magnificent setting, which enhances the cinematic drama with its visual attractiveness.

An awkward dive into Sydney Harbour and a hilarious Titanic recreation occur during a boat party as Bea and Ben try to sell their fake love. A rescue effort that goes wrong sets the stage for a series of events that are just right in terms of romance and comedy.

The film takes place in Australia from February through April 2023 and follows Ben and Bea (Sweeney), who wind up acting as two individuals at a wedding at a resort after a first date that didn’t go as planned.

Based on Shakespeare’s play “Much Ado About Nothingness,” the romantic comedy delves into the dynamics of former adversaries becoming romantic partners.

Where To Watch Anyone But You (2024)?

Within 121–122 days after its theatrical premiere, online on April 21, 2024, Anyone But You will be available to view on Netflix.

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