Back to Life season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Back to Life is a dark comedy-drama movie that was made in the UK by Richard Curtis. The first episode aired on BBC One on April 15, 2019. Many critics liked the first season, and Haggard’s acting and writing were praised in a number of reviews.

Back to Life was picked to return for an additional season on November 19, 2019, and it will start airing on August 31, 2021. The reviews for the second season have been just as good.

If you want to know when the third season of Back to Life will start, keep reading this page.

This week, Daisy Haggard’s black comedy Back to Life came back for a second season. The Breeders star is back as Miri Matteson, a woman in her 30s who is getting used to life outside of prison after having to serve an 18-year sentence.

After truth about Lara’s death was disclosed at the end of series one, the latest season continues to follow Miri as she attempts to move on with a new hairstyle, a new job, and a new love interest in her neighbor Billy (Adeel Akhtar).

Those who have already watched the whole series will know that Lara’s dad John (Adrian Edmondson) had some other plans for Miri that didn’t work out so well for him, but what’s next for Miri?

Back to Life season 3 Release Date:

It’s hard to talk about Back to Life’s second season before we know for sure that it’s coming home. No official date has been given for the start of the season. There is no official word yet on when it will come out.

Keeping this schedule in mind, the third season could come out in the winter of 2022 or 2023 if the show comes back soon.

Back to Life season 3 Trailer Release:

There is no trailer for Season 3 of Back to Life yet. But keep coming back to our website because we will keep adding new information about the upcoming Season.

If you can get to it, it will be on our website. You can watch the trailer for the last season here.

Back to Life season 3 Cast:

Daisy Haggard plays the main character, Miri Matteson, in seasons 1 and 2 of Back To Life. Richard Durden plays Miri’s father, Oscar Matteson, and Geraldine James plays Miri’s mother, Caroline Matteson. Miri’s smash and absolutely adore interest, Billy, is played by Adeel Akhtar, and Miri’s parole officer, Janice, is played by Jo Martin.

Christine Bottomley plays Miri’s now-married best friend from before she went to prison, Mandy. Imogen Gurney plays Miri’s former best friend, Lara. Juliet Cowan plays Miri’s childhood enemy, Tina, a local policewoman. Souad Adel Faress plays Anna, Billy’s wife. Liam Williams plays Miri’s supervisor at the seafood and chip shop, Nathan, and more.

Back to Life season 3 Storyline:

Miri Matteson just got home to her hometown of Hythe, Kent, after spending 18 years in prison. While Miri is trying to change her life, she becomes close to Billy, who is obsessed with the old lady next door.

The entire show is played up to make it funny. Still, it seems to capture the essence of a simple life in a small town.

The strange encounters and insults, just like the few brilliant seconds during the middle of the show.

Season 2 of Back to Life came out in 2021. Since it came out last year, it’s been a long period of time, and the show’s creators haven’t picked it up for a second season.

But since fans love the first two distinct seasons so much, we can be sure that there will be a third season.

Even though BBC hasn’t said anything about a third season, the show’s creator, Daisy Haggard, said in a question and answer session that she is prepared to do it.

She said she did know what could occur in the new season and that Season 2 was coming to an end. Since the main character left at the end of the first two seasons, she & Laura talked about whether or not they might return for a third season.

Haggard said that she understands what that means, but she absolutely adores it when items are finished and everyone is happy and the main figure gets their ending.

But it is possible to continue doing things but then you feel like you’ve used up something. For now, we can assume that the show might have another season someday.

Still, everything depends on what the people in charge decide. Dark sitcoms have a distinct kind of plot, and the main actors usually give the best performances.

If the show gets a season 3, the creators could perhaps bring back some new characters to get more people to watch.

Back to Life Season 3 Rating & Reviews:


If you’ve never seen the show and want to know how good it is, I can tell you that it’s quite nice. IMDb gives it a good score of 7.6/10, and Rotten Tomatoes says that 90% of people liked it. So, there’s no question in my mind that I like this show. If you’re still not sure if you should watch it, perused what other people have said about it.


We are regaining our lives, but what kind of living are we coming back to? Each person has some kind of relationship problem, and even though their problems are serious, there is humor throughout.

Each character is well-rounded, to advantages and disadvantages, happiness & sadness, courage & fear. The show is not afraid to talk about sex, gossip, fear, being alone, and being from a small town.

How So Many Episodes Will There Be In The Next Season Of Back To Life?

If the show’s creator decides to make another season of Back to Life, it could have six or more episodes, just like the last season. So the next part will have at least six attacks.

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