Back to television? Belinda has plans on the doorstep

The singer Belinda has been one of those spoiled by her fans on social networks and many other people who follow in her footsteps, which is why today she generates great interest, particularly to know the moment when she could appear on television.

The singer, who gave up acting since she was little to dedicate herself completely to her musical career, has been one of the acclaimed particularly in recent years, after her past collaborations on reality talent shows "Mexico's voice".

It was the last edition that particularly placed Belinda in the center of the spotlight, a situation that can be seen to this day, after revealing her controversial relationship with the regional singer, Christian Nodal, who also collaborated in the last broadcast and where his team was the winner.

As for the interpreter of songs like "Luz sin Gravedad", "Egoísta", "Silly nice girl", and many others who began his career venturing as a child actress in some melodramas:" Friends forever "," Adventures in time "," Complices to the rescue "and" Hearts to the limit ", has generated expectations about the moment when it can again be seen on the screen.

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Are there any plans for Belinda on TV?

It was recently announced about the next participation of the 28-year-old singer, who will again collaborate in the famous program dedicated to discovering future great talents. It will be this time that the native of Spain, Belinda, will once again be a judge of this broadcast, as confirmed.

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Through social networks, the official account of the next reality show, "The Voice Kids 2021", which would begin its broadcasts in March this year through the television network, Tv Azteca, announced the figures that will make up the panel of judges.

Belinda, would team up with María José, who have transcended, have formed a beautiful friendship, however, the other surprise was that this edition will be carried out largely by the talented family of Ricardo Montaner, this after three of his members, will make up the broadcast, his two children Mau, Ricky and Camilo, his son-in-law and his daughter's husband, Eva Luna,

There is no doubt that this edition is made up of figures who have achieved an important significance in music today.

At first, this generated various controversies since in social networks, several comments referred to the participation of Christian Nodal who expected to see him with the singer in front of the cameras.

At the moment, the beautiful interpreter has already begun to promote registration on her social networks for all those interested in participating.

Meanwhile, fans are already waiting for the next premiere of this season that will arrive as it has previously done at night.

Meanwhile fans of the future judge, Belinda Peregrin Schull are also eager to see her week after week. So far, the exact date of this long-awaited premiere is unknown, however, they say that it could reach the end of the competition in the kitchen of MasterChef Mexico.

Covid arrives at "La Voz Kids"

In the middle of the news of the next great launch of the Ajusco television station, there came a moment of concern on the part of the fans after it was announced that the Covid is present among the members that will make up the team of judges.

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At first, fear increased with the idea that it could be the singer Belinda, and that with this, her participation could be compromised, however, it was confirmed that the victim was one of the children of the interpreter of "Enamorada y Eterna", Ricardo Montaner.

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It is Mau Montaner, son of the interpreter of "La Cima del Cielo" who appears in a photo shared on Twitter, which is accompanied by a message that confirms the news, broadcast by the program Venga la Alegría.

Mau Montaner is isolated from his brother Ricky, after testing positive for COVID 19! #VLA, Point to the header in the image.


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