Seth Rogen has no plans to work with James Franco again on the harassment allegations

James Franco disappeared from circulation immediately after the accusations of harassment addressed to him by some actresses in his acting class but the friend of all time Seth Rogen he had remained quite silent on the matter, at least until the last few months. Recently, Rogen in an interview questioned a future collaboration with James Franco.

During a recent interview granted to the Sunday Times, Rogen referred to the story by recalling a sketch he made with Franco in 2014 for Saturday Night Live, in which Rogen pretended to be an underage girl and lured his friend and colleague. At the time it caused a few laughs but today with the #MeToo movement and everything that followed such a sketch would be problematic to say the least. “What I can say is that I condemn abuse and harassment and I would never cover up or hide the actions of someone who does, or knowingly put someone in a situation where they were around such a person“.

Rogen continued: “In any case, I look back at the sketch I did at Saturday Night Live nel 2014 and I regret it very much. It was a bad sketch, honestly. I also think back to that 2018 interview in which I commented that I would have continued to work with James [Franco]. And the truth is that I didn’t have any plans to do that e I don’t plan to do it now. [La vicenda che lo ha coinvolto] it has changed a lot of our relationships and our dynamics. I don’t know if I can decree it here, in this interview, in a definitive way“. In short, a choice that does not seem to be definitive but which for the moment appears necessary.

The couple’s last film released in theaters was The Disaster Artist and precisely during the making of the film there was no lack of controversy, dusted off today by Charlyne Yi.

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