Backfire between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck? The two were spotted together

Jennifer Lopez e Ben Affleck they were one of the most prominent couples of the early 2000s. The two starred in several films together over the course of their relationship but then, when they seemed ready for the big step, they suddenly decided to say goodbye.

But now, it seems, the two stars would see each other again and someone would be ready to swear on their flashback. A source very close to the couple revealed to PEOPLE that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted together in Los Angeles. Apparently, Ben was also paparazzi while getting out of a white SUV belonging to the singer.

Jennifer Lopez recently announced the end of her relationship with Alex Rodriguez, while Ben Affleck said goodbye to Ana de Armas after about a year. In short, both are single again, and who knows if they are even ready to relive the glories of their golden years together.

Many hope so, but in reality it seems that i two remained on good terms after their relationship ended and apparently in recent years their meetings have been very frequent. Just recently Ben Affleck said he was saddened by the continued racist comments directed at Lopez. In his opinion, in fact, the press has been terribly bad towards the singer and actress.

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