Bad Hair 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Bad Hair 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

An old folktale takes control of a young girl in the horror-comedy “Bad Hair.” The film, which was released in 2020, captivated audiences to the point where they desired a sequel. Therefore, do the producers anticipate another sequel to the film? Obtain a dive-in.

Elle Lorraine portrays Anna Bludso, a black woman employed at a music television network formerly known as Culture but subsequently renamed Cult, in the film.

Upon realizing that her natural hair texture hinders her ability to thrive in the business world, she approaches Virgie, a luxury hair salon renowned for providing the finest weaves in Los Angeles, for assistance.

After obtaining a sew-in from the store owner and namesake (Laverne Cox, of Orange Is The New Black) herself, Anna begins to observe that her hair is behaving atypically.

Although her recently styled hair may cause some discomfort, her supervisor, Zora (portrayed by Vanessa Williams), grants her the long-awaited salary increase.

Anthology Bad Hair explores the societal expectations and pressures black women encounter as they attempt to assimilate into a predominantly white society that rejects their natural hair style as unprofessional and forces them into positions where success is contingent on conforming to Eurocentric standards.

Bad Hair 2 Release Date:

Given the historical pattern of film sequel releases, it is conceivable that Bad Hair 2 might be released in the years 2023 or 2024. It is typical for streaming platforms, including Hulu and Netflix, to maintain a two- to three-year interval between installments of original films.

Bad Hair 2 Trailer Release:

There is currently no available trailer video for Bad Hair 2.

Bad Hair 2 Cast:

  • Elle Lorraine as Anna Bludso
  • Zaria Kelley as Young Anna
  • Vanessa Williams as Zora Choice
  • Jay Pharoah as Julius
  • Lena Waithe as Brook-Lynne
  • Yaani King as Sista Soul
  • Blair Underwood as Amos Bludso
  • Laverne Cox as Virgie
  • Michelle Hurd as Maxine Bludso
  • Judith Scott as Edna
  • Robin Thede as Denise
  • Ashley Blaine Featherson as Rosalyn
  • Steve Zissis as Baxter Tannen
  • MC Lyte as Coral
  • Kelly Rowland as Sandra
  • James Van Der Beek as Grant Madison
  • Usher as Germane D.
  • Chanté Adams as Linda Bludso
  • Dahéli Hall as Sheryl
  • Moses Storm as Executive Justin
  • Jon Gabrus as Valet
  • Nicole Byer as Gina
  • Justin Simien as Reggie Watson

Bad Hair 2 Storyline:

In 1989, Anna, an adult, is employed as an assistant at Culture, a television network that exclusively features African-American music artists. With ambitions for career advancement, she experiences profound distress upon learning that her mentor, Edna, who currently oversees programming at the station, has been deposed and succeeded by former supermodel Zora, astray by station owner Grant Madison.

Anna proposes an approach to broadening the station’s audience by incorporating a live music video countdown program and diversifying the style of the Culture VJs. Anna is hired as Zora’s assistant after Zora, impressed, requests that she alter her naturally textured Afro-hair into a weave in order to conform to the station’s new image.

Zora provides her with the address of Virgie’s, an upscale hair salon. Despite the excruciating pain, Virgie awards Anna a pink bottle of shampoo for her hair and instructs her to prevent the weave from becoming wet at all times.

An ex-colleague, Julius, notices Anna’s success, which is a result of her new hair. She declares her aspiration to be appointed as the countdown’s host. Anna persuades the VJs to adopt the new weaves, notwithstanding their initial resistance to adopting a more commercial form.

Nevertheless, she starts to observe peculiar occurrences, including uncontrolled hair movement, intense hunger pangs, and dreams in which hair is being cut on an estate.

Anna stabs her inebriated landlord, Mr. Tannen, when his hair becomes active in response to his attempt to rape her. Then, it surges into the wound and fatally drains Tannen of his blood. Anna is abashed.

During a social gathering, Zora poses enigmatic inquiries regarding Anna’s continued usage of the hair product, which causes Anna to suspect that Zora is similarly affected.

Anna encounters Edna, who is dismayed by her betrayal of the reputation of culture and criticizes her weave, stating that it demonstrates her absence of integrity.

Anna is devastated to discover that Zora, who had been pretending to be the host, had been unfaithfully involved with Julius. Following a sexual encounter with Julius, Anna becomes possessed by his hair and stabs him in a fit of rage. His blood nourishes the hair.

Anna, terrified, escapes to a natural hair salon and encounters Edna in order to have the weave removed. She apologizes heartily for her disappointment; however, as the hairstylist endeavors to remove her weave, it incinerates all individuals present in the salon.

“The Moss Haired Girl” is an African American slave folktale that Anna distinctly remembers from a book that her uncle, a professor of black studies, presented to her.

To imitate her masters’ straight hair, a slave fashions a wig from branch moss. However, upon closer inspection, she discovers that the moss is in fact the hair of deceased witches who possess the woman.

Anna discovers in a state of panic that Zora and all those who have obtained weaves from Virgie are possessed. Zora’s own hair is consuming her as she makes an effort to free herself from the possession.

The hair, now in complete command of Zora as well as the others, pursues Anna throughout the structure. She prepares herself for death by lighting a cigarette while confined in a sound booth.

She spots a sprinkler, however, and activates it, resulting in water drenching her and the others, which weakens her hair to the point where she can cut it off.

The conclusion of Bad Hair establishes a number of potential outcomes for Bad Hair 2. The film culminates in the shocking revelation that Grant Madison, the proprietor of the cult, is related to the initial slave owner who was slain by the girl with moss-covered hair and owns the land where the moss tree grows.

He has been engaged in the distribution of hair that inflicts the spirits of witches upon black women. In Bad Hair 2, Anna may confront Grant Madison or reveal the truth regarding the motivations behind his operation.

Although she is cognizant of the function of the hair, she is unaware of its origin or the proximity of the individual who distributes it. A substantial amount of material remains for consideration by the conclusion of Bad Hair, particularly if Justin Simien opts to narrate the initial account of the girl with moss-covered hair or to update the time period from the 1980s to 2010.

Existing dialogue in Bad Hair 2 regarding what it means to be a black woman in corporate America could expand significantly, and additional black historical topics that could be explored in a potential sequel could also be explored.

In her youth, Anna was involved in a severe accident that severely damaged her hair. Following several years of experimentation, she finally obtains a weave. As she receives a weave, the stylist begins to observe a change in her hair. Subsequently, in the film, whoever Anna has her hair styled has her life taken away.

She encounters a folktale concerning a slave woman who desired straight locks like her master’s but was forced to wear moss, which was actually the hair of a witch. Despite her best efforts, she is unable to cut her hair. Her friend ultimately wets the possessed hair and proceeds to trim it.

Where To Watch Bad Hair 2?

An announcement will clarify the situation. The film is accessible via Hulu.

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