Belen Funes on San Sebastian Competition Player ‘A Thief’s Daughter’

Fiction exposes audiences — it is among its joys — to worlds unknown.

This world is success of the childhood of today as it tries to have a love affair, a life, a family. However, the odds of success are not certain.

Can you comment?

Sara is fighting to become a part of a society which has pushed her into social exclusion.

Its back has turned .

Consequently, if you consider it, she has no option but to turn into a warrior.

I believe that if everything comes down to a matter of survival, we cease thinking too much to battle.

In fighting, I think; actually it is exactly what I think in many: in people’s ability to modify their fate when things are contrary to them. And though, mathematically, the odds of success are significant.
Among the movie’s attractions is the own tremendous quantity of apparently accurate detail: One illustration: What Sara and her friends consume, their daily diet plan.

They appear to eat a mealthey grab sandwiches.

Much research went to the movie? Or is that a fact you understand?

Much research went to the movie.

Additionally, it is a world that I know due to where I had been born and grew up.

I love to compose based on fact and that I take it into obsessive limits.

As an instance is a device made. Sara has very little and we accommodated of her life to match this type of circumstance: by the food she eats.

I believe we had been spot-on.

Three youthful Barcelona-based or trained girls directors will display at San Sebastian: Leticia Dolera, Lucía Alemany as well as yourself.

There is an exciting production of female cineastes appearing in the forefront of its filmmaking, also in Barcelona. Can you feel some sense of individuality with esprit de corps or this creation?

I’ve a lot of intimate female boss buddies, so for me personally it is not really so much a matter of feeling component of a creation, or something so subjective.

I feel a part of a family where we dedicated to filmmaking needing to tell tales. We’ve got, sensibilities that are very transparent, quite distinct, but that I believe we have been able to produce a fabric of work: we discuss celebrities.

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