Top 10 Best wing chun dummy 2021 Review

Top 10 Best wing Chun dummy 2021 Review

For best wing Chun dummy training, one requires standard quality wing Chun dummy made out of the best materials. It helps positioning the body correctly as well as makes you learn to control your attacker.

With the best training, the Wing Chun dummy helps to condition your body into a weapon, and you can learn standard attacks and techniques to defend those moves.

Through challenging and regular practices, eventually, teachers controlling the attacker and defending through the most suitable and convenient moves, but for all that open mind and willingness to learn are essential factors.

For the wing Chun dummy to work efficiently, one needs to be patient and practice more often.

Best Wing Chun Dummy 2021 Review:

Below is the list of Top 10 Best Wing Chun Dummy 2021 containing the best products enlisted with their features and pros. Read the entire list, and then it will help to choose the best wing Chun dummy.

Various types of such dummy include Wooden Dummy, Kung Fu Wooden Dummy, Wing Chun Wooden Dummy, Kung Fu Dummy, Martial Arts Dummy, Wing Tsun Dummy, and many more.

From the below list, you will conveniently find the most right-wing Chun dummy, and they buy wing Chun dummy accordingly.

  1. AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong – LIFE WARRANTY Traditional Ip Man Wooden Dummy with Complimentary Striking Protective Pads By AugustaPro:

The AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong is made with genuine wood and offers the best performance. Offering numerous benefits, the AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong helps everyone, starting with beginners and even experts.


The diameter of the device is 8”, whereas 67” height gives all the benefits and sacred training helps you learn a lot from the Wing Chun dummy. The arms of the Wing Chun dummy can be adjusted according to the desired height. As per your requirements, you can choose the appropriate size.

The manufacturer is also offering two complimentary striking pads and the AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong. In addition, it has a 5-year warranty for regular practice use. So as you order this wing Chun dummy, you just need to wait for a few days rather than a few weeks.

The dimensions of this product are 33.9 x 53.2 x 55.1 inches, and it weighs about 70 pounds. As you receive it, it can be placed conveniently as per your requirements. It doesn’t consume more of the space and gives plenty of extra space.


  • Durable: With high-quality materials, the AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong is relatively stable for practice performance.
  • Comfortable: Even being suitable for practicing, you will feel it when you start having workout sessions with the Wing Chun dummy.
  • Adjustable Height: Following your height, the Wing Chun dummy’s height can also be adjusted as per your requirements.
  • Beautiful Finish: The AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong comes with the beautiful finish of its color combinations.
  • Fine Craftsmen Ship: With precise cuts and fine artisanship offered by the manufacturer, the device comes with the best looks and most exceptional quality.
  • Sturdy: With the best materials used, the AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong delivers sturdy and robust performance.
  • Dimensions: The height of this wooden dummy is 67”, and with that, the diameter is 8”. The length of each arm of the rigid form is 22”.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer is offering a five-year contract with the device for practical usage.
  • Complimentary: The AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong comes with two positive striking pads.


  • Adjustable Height
  • Serenity and Motivated
  • Positive Results
  • Great Benefits
  • 22” Length of Arm
  • Complimentary Striking Pads
  • 5 Year Warranty


The AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong offered numerous beneficial functionalities to help with various training.

Those who are interested in intense workouts and staggered positions can be done this with this wooden dummy.

With regular practicing sessions, fantastic benefits and sacred training can be availed. Additionally, the striking pads offered with the product also helps with the training.

  1. Attachmate: Wing Chun Dummy Trainer By Attach-Mate:

The Attachmate: Wing Chun Dummy Trainer provides adjustable straps, and with them, you can practice with any of your freestanding or hanging bags for the workout. The Attachmate: Wing Chun Dummy Trainer would be suited well for any existing working out bags or practicing gear.


The Attachmate: Wing Chun Dummy Trainer will deliver efficient performance with its flexible base plates for spring action. Even if there is no actual spring in the arms, the dummy lets you practice just as if it has one. If you’re associated with intense training sessions, receiving new parts is also relatively faster.

The Attachmate: Wing Chun Dummy Trainer helps you with whichever type of dummy you already have and will fit conveniently into it. There is no need to purchase a new bag or form or just anything.

Before spending much more money, think of getting an Attachmate: Wing Chun Dummy Trainer who can be suitably placed on your existing dummy/ exercise bag. It is highly portable and will deliver valuable results when paired with hanging bags or any freestanding dummy.


  • Fits into Any Dummy: Whether you already own a freestanding or hanging bag or any other type of dummy, the Attachmate: Wing Chun Dummy Trainer will fit perfectly on it. Hence you will not need to spend more bucks to purchase a new one.
  • Long-Lasting: Once you pair the dummy Attachmate on your existing one, it is undoubtedly going to last longer than you’ve thought.
  • Portable: For any other existing dummies or exercise bags, hanging bags – the Attachmate: Wing Chun Dummy Trainer is exceptionally portable.
  • Spring Action: Even though the Attachmate doesn’t come with spring inside it, yet with the help of the highest quality materials used, it delivers incredible spring acting while you’re practicing with it.
  • Simple and Easier: The product has a more straightforward and more accessible interface, and training sessions with it will be constructive.
  • Three Slots: The Attachmate: Wing Chun Dummy Trainer offers three slots on the sides of the plates, and it has also got straps along with the whole attachment system.
  • Secure Attaching: While attaching the dummy trainer on your freestanding/ exercise bag/ handing bag – it will connect securely through the adjustable straps offered by the manufacturer.
  • Lasts Long: Those who have purchased the dummy Attachmate are satisfied with the performance and years-long comfortable usage.
  • Smooth Operations: Whether you are doing: Assemble or Dissemble, the Attachment is user-friendly and quicker.


  • Spring Action Arms
  • Extremely Durable
  • Long-Lasting
  • Portable
  • Comfortable
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Fits Perfectly
  • Adjustable Straps


The Attachmate: Wing Chun Dummy Trainer with numerous attaching functionalities fits perfectly into your existing exercise model.

Whichever type of dummy/ exercise bag you own, the Attachmate is going to fit perfectly and let you have fantastic training sessions without any drops or falls of any kind.

Even if you own a freestanding dummy, the Attachmate: Wing Chun Dummy Trainer is going to fit even more perfectly over it and offer you to have the best training session.

  1. AUGUSTAPRO IRON BODY Wing Chun Dummy Mook Yan Jong with Hardwood Arms and Leg – Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Dummy – Holiday Sales By AugustaPro:

The AUGUSTAPRO IRON BODY Wing Chun Dummy offers powerful functionalities in the dummy through which you can conveniently adjust various parts of the device.

The wooden dummy arms have been designed precisely and let you fit them according to your size and height factors. The arm extends from 12.6” from the body of this dummy, offering plenty of space for your practice session.


There are numerous staggered positions that you can take and keep the dummy for specific types of exercises and workouts. In addition, the AUGUSTAPRO IRON BODY Wing Chun Dummy is exceptionally durable as it offers a more extensive metal base for placing the device into smaller spaces.

The AUGUSTAPRO IRON BODY Wing Chun Dummy has 12 large suction cups on its base along with 16” x 16”. In addition, the manufacturer is offering two complimentary striking pads along with the dummy and even offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and through that, you can claim its performance.

The iron body measures about 65” in height, whereas the diameter is 6 ½”. Therefore, the AUGUSTAPRO IRON BODY Wing Chun Dummy is perfect for wingchun techniques and karate sessions.


  • Durable Construction: The AUGUSTAPRO IRON BODY Wing Chun Dummy comes with a stable steel base that is not so thin as you might be wondering. Instead of that, the support is quite strong and delivers efficient performance while practicing with it.
  • Finished Wooden Legs: Best quality wood crafted by finest craftsmen, the wooden legs are given the best finish and attractive yet professional look.
  • Comfortable Padding: On the upper surface, there are black pads along with adjustable Velcro. With the help of Velcro, you can conveniently use them and make them set according to your practicing.
  • Lined Up Holes: For adding or removing excess hands, the manufacturer offers lined up holes on which you can add more of those if you wish to.
  • Suction Cups: Due to suction cups offered on the base, the AUGUSTAPRO IRON BODY Wing Chun Dummy moves but, for sure, won’t fall.
  • Punching Pads: Two punching pads come with the dummy, which will turn out to be added as a complimentary bonus for practitioners.
  • Perfect Cut-Outs: Once you receive the product, you can suitably add more of the legs/ hands to the dummy through offered cut-out spaces. Even after filling out the cuts, there’s quite an impressive room still available.
  • Lightweight: The wooden dummy is not only lightweight but also portable. Hence carrying it around to other practicing sessions, it will be mobile to move around by yourself.
  • Easy Set-Up: While assembling the dummy, it requires less time than that enormous dummy that can’t be set up within a few minutes.
  • Manual: Even after being such a more comfortable assembling feature, the manufacturer offers a user manual describing stepwise assembling.
  • Dimensions: The dummy comes with a 65” height whereas 6 ½” diameter, even though it won’t consume more space.


  • Durable
  • Adjustable Height
  • Easy Assemble-Dissemble
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Complimentary Pads
  • Large Suction Cups
  • Strong and Sturdy Base

The AUGUSTAPRO IRON BODY Wing Chun Dummy, offered by the leading manufacturer, comes with many more items rather than just the dummy. The help of comfortable and durable yet soft striking pads adds more energy to your workout and training sessions.


For those associated with wingchun techniques, karate practice, and many other forms of such course, the AUGUSTAPRO IRON BODY Wing Chun Dummy will be best suited for their routine.

  1. Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Sale Mook Yang Jong made of Iron Body WCM003 By Wingchunmind:

The Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Sale Mook Yang Jong is given unique materials and designs for the better performance of training sessions. The Wing Chun dummy’s body is made of a durable Iron Tube, whereas its legs and arms have a solid hardwood finish.


Even on the dummy, there are three pieces of high-quality canvas pads offered. In addition, you can add or remove the upper two arms on the mannequin according to the Level or offset. The Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Sale Mook Yang Jong is a full-size traditional wing Chun iron dummy.

As the manufacturer is offering a lifetime warranty, if there are any broken legs or arms, they will replace them with the new one. In addition, they will provide the guarantee with free replacement of the damaged parts.

This is a traditional wing Chun dummy with full size, allowing trainers to make it even more suitable according to your height. Materials used throughout manufacturing procedures, including Wooden Parts, Legs, Arms, along with metals used – are the best quality materials that will go on for many years.


  • Sturdy Tube: The Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Sale Mook Yang Jong is made of durable as well as durable Iron Tube.
  • Hardwood: Coming to the legs and arms – the manufacturer has offered solid hardwood. With these materials, the dummy is going to deliver efficient working-out sessions.
  • Pads: There are three pieces of black canvas pads offered by the manufacturer.
  • High-Quality Material: Each of these pads is made of high-quality black canvas and lets you have intense yet comfortable training for your Wing Chun techniques as well as karate sessions.
  • Full-Sized: The market is full of variously sized wing Chun dummies, including short-sized, half-sized, and many more. The Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Sale Mook Yang Jong is a traditional full-sized wing Chun metal dummy.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer is offering a lifetime guarantee with the product and hence nothing to worry about the dummy parts.
  • Free Replacement: If you have any broken parts of the dummy, including Legs, Arms, etc., then the brand is undoubtedly going to replace them for free.
  • Adjustable: The upper two arms, situated on the top, can be set as Level, or even you can put them as Offset.
  • Strong Base: The base for such dummies is supposed to be extremely strong and durable as it takes on all the impacts and, even then, won’t let the dummy fall. Hence, we are getting the solid metal base, combined with a cup design to keep it in the right way.


  • Strong Iron Tube
  • Solid Pieces
  • Rigid Wooden Arms and Legs
  • Sturdy Base
  • 3 Black Canvas Pads
  • Comfortable yet Extreme Trainer
  • Replacement Warranty

The Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Sale Mook Yang Jong, a full-size traditional wind Chun iron dummy, has been the prime choice for trainers and practitioners. As a result, more and more people are getting involved in Karate Training, Wing Chun Techniques, etc.


And for them, having one of such wooden dummies would be the prime requirement. So for those, the Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Sale Mook Yang Jong would be the best-suited dummy from a leading manufacturing brand.

  1. Wing Chun dummy with modern free stand By

The Wing Chun dummy with a contemporary free stand is suitable to work in numerous positions and lets you have convenient training and practice sessions. For a very long time, the manufacturing brand has been making such dummies, and that too with the help of the finest and experienced artisans.


They offer handmade wooden models, which help beginners and experts with their best-in-class wing Chun techniques and even karate training. For those who do not have more space at their place, the Wing Chun dummy with a modern free stand will surely help them sort out the space problem.

It is because this dummy won’t take on more space and fits into limited areas. Additionally, such a freestanding wooden dummy will be very portable and convenient, as you can move it around as per your choice. If your wall mounts the figure, then you have to stick to the single same old spot, whereas with freestanding – no such issues shall arise.


  • Interchangeable: The Wing Chun dummy with a modern free stand and several others happens to be convenient and interchangeable.
  • Free Stand: Being a free stand dummy, it offers the portability and convenience to move around to other places like the gym or any other training facility.
  • Suitable for Smaller Places: If you do not have enormous spaces for keeping the dummy, it is not a problem, Because the Wing Chun dummy with modern free stand is uniquely designed for those who have to deal with smaller places.
  • No need to Mount: Those dummies which come as for mounting on the wall – where you will face no such issues as it requires no assembling.
  • Height: The manufacturer is offering a 3” height adjustment along with a ¾” thick octagon spacer plate.
  • Furniture Grade Hardwood: The Wing Chun dummy with a modern free stand is made of the best quality furniture grade hardwood and is given the most pleasing finish by using standard quality materials.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty with this wooden dummy, which is an impressive aspect.
  • Color Choices: The wooden dummy is offered in six coloring choices, which you can choose your best color.
  • Suitable: The Wing Chun dummy with a modern free stand is qualified to work in various positions. So no matter which kind of stand you own, the figure is going to fit on it.
  • Won’t Break: As the manufacturer has used the best quality woods and other materials and also offering the warranty – the dummy is not going to have any significant cracking or splitting issues.
  • Weight: This unit of wooden wing Chun dummy weighs around 160 pounds.


  • Furniture Grade Hardwood
  • 9 Board Lamination
  • Free-Standing Design
  • Portability
  • Durable
  • Interchangeable
  • 2 Different Arm Styles

The Wing Chun dummy with modern free stand has various features offered in it along with two different arms styles to choose from it. The functionality of being freestanding is quite impressive, rather than a fixed or wall-mounted wooden dummy.


Also, it offers portability and easy transporting the dummy to other spots. The ¾” thick octagon spacer plates provide a strong base along with a height adjustment feature. With the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, go on having wing Chun training, undoubtedly.

  1. AugustaPro Wing Chun Dummy – Half Sized Wall Mount Metal Dummy By AugustaPro:

The AugustaPro Half-Sized Wall Mount Metal Dummy is a wall-mounted space saver alternative for your Wing Chun techniques and karate sessions. The wooden dummy arms are extended up to 12.6” measured from the dummy’s body, and components are offered in staggered positions.


The AugustaPro Half-Sized Wall Mount Metal Dummy can easily be mounted on the wall and lets you save space in your training room. The half-sized dummy would turn out to be the best replacement for traditional full-sized figures.

The AugustaPro Half Sized Wall Mount Metal Dummy comes with a steel core and will deliver impressive performance. With such a sturdy base, it can withstand extreme impacts, and even after that, won’t fall off or come out.

Vast numbers of satisfied trainers have mounted on numerous base types and have achieved the best of their training for wing Chun techniques. You can suitably place the dummy on any of the materials like metal, bag, or any other base.


  • Half Sized: The AugustaPro Half Sized Wall Mount Metal Dummy measures 21” in height and 6” in diameter and is a half-sized practicing dummy.
  • Extended Arms: From the dummy’s body, the wooden arms have been designed so that they stay extended up to 12.6” from the body.
  • Staggered Positions: As you can see in the pictures, the AugustaPro Half Sized Wall Mount Metal Dummy has its arms in staggered positions.
  • Space Saver: Being mounted on the wall, the dummy will save you a lot of space on the floor.
  • Best Alternative: For a full-sized wing Chun dummy, this half-sized dummy will indeed work out well by being the best alternative and will deliver acceptable performance.
  • Steel Body: The dummy’s body is made of high-quality steel, whereas its arms are made of solid wood.
  • Easy Assemble: The AugustaPro Half Sized Wall Mount Metal Dummy has easy assembling, and there is nothing much to do about starting to work out with the device.
  • Strapped Anywhere: The Wing Chun dummy has convenient straps that can be strapped anywhere, on your suitable training pieces of woods or anything else.
  • Can be Mounted: The wooden wing Chun dummy can also easily be attached/ mounted on the wall, as per your requirements.


  • Steel Core
  • Staggered Positions Arm
  • Wall Mounting Feature
  • Space Saver
  • Extended Arm up to 12.6”
  • Half Sized Wall Mount

The AugustaPro Half Sized Wall Mount Metal Dummy with extended arms and offered into staggered positions. If you already were having and also using a full-sized wing Chun dummy, then this is half-sized, and hence it will surely be of significant usage.


With such a space saver and convenient wooden wing Chun dummy, it offers incredible portability and efficient usage. Additionally, the AugustaPro Half Sized Wall Mount Metal Dummy comes with convenient straps for attaching the figure over existing pieces of training equipment.

  1. Wing Chun Ip Man Wooden Dummy Head Protect Pads Wing Stun Kung Fu Pads 2 Pieces Fits Both Wall-mount and Stand-alone Style Dummies By Star Sports:

The Wing Chun Ip Man Wooden Dummy Head Protect Pads Wing Stun Kung Fu Pads are offered in black from the manufacturer Star Sports. The fantastic thing about the dummy is that it is suitable for numerous types of installation.


As per your choice, you can choose to fit it on the Wall Mount. Also, you can use it as a Standalone style dummy for training. The mannequin is made of Vinyl leather and comes with a 1” thickness of the high-density EVA foam.

The manufacturer is offering a striking hitting punching pad suitable for the Wooden wing Chun dummy. Most people prefer such a wooden dummy as it is portable, lightweight, and convenient to place, as you want to keep it anywhere.

The Wing Chun Ip Man Wooden Dummy Head Protect Pads Wing Stun Kung Fu pads have a height of 7 inches and a width of approximately 15 to 18.

Also, a customer should note that the Wing Chun Ip Man Wooden Dummy Head Protect Pads Wing Stun Kung Fu Pads is a set of pads, and the manufacturer has not included the Wooden Wing Chun Dummy in it.


  • Preferable Color: The Wing Chun Ip Man Wooden Dummy Head Protect Pads Wing Stun Kung Fu Pads are offered in the preferable black color.
  • Dimensions: These wing Chun dummy pads have 7 inches in height and 15 – 18 inches in width.
  • Convenient: With these dimensions and width, the pads are incredibly efficient and give excellent training for various techniques and forms.
  • Suitable For: Those who are associated with striking, hitting, punching, and another such relevant practicing for different types of techniques and training.
  • Not a Wooden Dummy: The Wing Chun Ip Man Wooden Dummy Head Protect Pads Wing Stun Kung Fu Pads is a pad set and not a wooden dummy. So don’t get misguided with it and think of it as a wooden dummy.
  • Multi-Usage: The pads are convenient for using for multiple usages. So as per your comfort, you can use the pads as a wall mount and standalone dummies.


  • Suitable for Wall Mount Use
  • Use as Standalone Style
  • Vinyl Leather
  • Thick Density Foam
  • EVA Foam
  • Striking, Hitting, Punching Usage

The Wing Chun Ip Man Wooden Dummy Head Protect Pads Wing Stun Kung Fu Pads are offered by a leading manufacturer and give various product usage. Using it as a striking, hitting, punching pad would be handy and works great.


With convenient height and suitable 15-18 inches, width gives portability. Using the Wing Chun Ip Man Wooden Dummy Head for standalone style and wall mount is also preferable.

  1. Traditional Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Stand By TMAS:

The Traditional Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Stand is just like its name suggests; it is a traditional wooden training dummy, suitable for various training. Also, the manufacturer has time-tested the conventional training tool, being used by vast numbers of trainers.


The hardened practical fighting skills can be obtained from the product and are beneficial. Authenticating artisans from China have handcrafted the Traditional Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Stand.

The Traditional Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Stand comes with many specs with the long-established design and specification. However, the dummy has got the finest-crafted design and can also compete with the wall-mounted stand in a significant way.

The numbers of practitioners and trainers associated with Wing Chun Practice and training prefer to have such hardened. Also, it is made of north African spotted hardwood and has been well crafted and suited throughout the best density and straightness.


  • Best Suited For: The Traditional Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Stand has got fantastic as well as efficient design due to which it is best suited for leading wing Chun practitioners.
  • Improves Fighting Skills: The tool offers numerous functionalities through which it leads to improved fighting skills and fantastic performance.
  • Handcrafted: The product is handcrafted by experienced artisans from China and has been delivering the best performances.
  • Hardwood: The manufacturer is offering premium quality North African spotted hardwood, chosen correctly for its density and straightness.
  • Design: Through long-established specifications, the product has been crafted and designed by masters in the field for generations.
  • Complete Set: The Traditional Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Stand comes as a complete set along with a wall mounting stand.
  • Dimensions: The product measures 70” height along with 61” width and 42” depth.


  • Traditional Tool
  • Improved Fighting Skills
  • Solid Hardwood
  • Long Established Design
  • Complete Set
  • Efficient Performance

The Traditional Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Stand weighs around 50 pounds and comes with a convenient height feature. Therefore, the dummy would be perfect for those who have some interest in hardening and intense training.


Following the long-established design and specifications, the wooden dummy is quite a unique item for training. Additionally, the wood dummy comes with a stand which makes it more suitable. Also, it gets crafting from centuries-old techniques by experienced artisans from China.

  1. Wing Chun Dummy with Recoil Reaction Stand By Warrior Martial Art Supply:

The Wing Chun Dummy with Recoil Reaction Stand comes from a leading manufacturer, Warrior Martial Art Supply, and has excellent features. But the wing Chun dummy provides an adjustable height feature with which, as per the users’ height, the height can be conveniently set.


The dummy is available with various height features along with its multiple strands. The Wing Chun Dummy with Recoil Reaction Stand is also available in six different colors. Hence as per your choice, you may prefer such a color. The Wing Chun Dummy with Recoil Reaction Stand also has a lifetime warranty against significant cracks or splitting.

So using the dummy with even extreme usage is fine. The manufacturer indeed makes such quality dummies from the best craftsmanship, and premium handmade dummies are offered. Moreover, with the help of Recoil Reaction, the mannequin can be easily mounted. So the wooden figure can be installed on your existing piece of training and will be convenient to fit on it.


  • Handmade Dummy: The Wing Chun Dummy with Recoil Reaction Stand is offered by experienced craftsmen as well as it is made as to the handmade dummy, providing quality work.
  • Furniture Grade Hardwood: The dummy is made of the highest quality furniture grade hardwood and hence will last longer.
  • Dummy for Lifetime: The Wing Chun Dummy with Recoil Reaction Stand will last longer than any other such figure. It is because the manufacturer is offering a lifetime warranty on it.
  • Adjustable Height: According to your height, the dummy can be set and will let you practice conveniently as well as according to your requirements.
  • Recoil Reaction Stand: This unique feature helps in a significant way with its Recoil Mode. Also, it can be conveniently fit over any existing dummy and will deliver efficient performance.
  • Swivel Base: The swivel base is attached with two tension bands to the stand and sets correctly whenever you are practicing with it. Also, as you do the workout with it, it will soon snap back to the center position and works out well.
  • Perfect Ratio: On the dummy, with its ideal set and tension, lets the figure facing forward towards the centerline. It leads towards the best practice for numerous types of methods.
  • Locking Stand Base: As the base can be locked, it allows rotations of the wooden trunk and lets you practice for traditional training.


  • Natural Wood
  • Lockable Stand
  • Furniture Grade Wood
  • Adjustable Height
  • Swivel Base
  • Two Tension Bands


The Wing Chun Dummy with Recoil Reaction Stand is made with natural wood and delivers efficient performance. With the lockable stand, the wooden dummy lets you practice with numerous types of traditional training and other forms of exercise too. Additionally, the arms and legs of the wooden figure are made of hardwood ash. Also, the stand is suitable with any of your existing dummies and fits perfectly.

  1. Wing Chun Octopus Dummy with Modern Free Stand By Warrior Martial Arts Supply:

The Wing Chun Octopus Dummy with Modern Free Stand prevents the dummy trunk from significantly cracking and splitting. And even if you face any such extreme conditions, the manufacturer – Worrier Martial Arts Supply- offers a lifetime guarantee, hence no worries.


There are four adjustable height brackets along with multiple stands so that you can adjust the height according to your body measurements. Also, with these numerous positions, the dummy can be re-used with any of your existing forms.

The Wing Chun Octopus Dummy with Modern Free Stand can be used as per the height adjustable. Using the dummy offers numerous types of training along with extreme workouts too.

Whichever type of training you are associated with, the dummy will provide support and convenience. From multiple colors, you may unquestionably choose your favorite one. So the manufacturer is offering a lifetime warranty on the device for everyone.


  • Adjustable Brackets: The Wing Chun Octopus Dummy with Modern Free Stand comes with four different adjustable brackets. Through these adjustments, the dummy offers portability along with height adjustment.
  • Height Adjustments: The dummy comes with all the height adjustments, which gives you portability and the convenience of using the figure according to your height.
  • Suitable for Stands: Each of the dummies can conveniently be used with multiple strands, and due to its unique shape and size, it will fit perfectly.
  • Color Choices: The manufacturer offers six different colors to choose from, and you can get a preferred color for your choice’s color.
  • High-Quality Wood: Throughout manufacturing procedures, high-quality furniture-grade wooden materials have been used.
  • Experienced Craftsmen: Some skilled craftsmen have been in the field for centuries and have been in the area for many years.
  • Perfectly Fits: The dummy fits perfectly over the stand, not any single brand or type stand, but it provides multiple positions and delivers efficient performance.


  • Prevents Major Cracks
  • No Splitting Problems
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Suitable for Multiple Stands
  • Six Signature Colors
  • Best Quality Woods


The Wing Chun Octopus Dummy with Modern Free Stand is made with the highest quality woods, and an experienced craftsman delivers efficient performance.

For a very long time, the manufacturer has been making such products for Wing Chun Practitioners and other forms of training.

Also, all such extreme training can be availed through the dummy and makes you learn it better and sharpens your skills.

For sharpening Wing Chun Techniques and any other forms of training along with techniques, having such wing Chun dummies would be a great idea. Not only that but the wooden wing Chun dummy.

And different types of wing Chun dummies help to make your physique stronger as well as sharper. So practicing with the Wing Chun dummy will gradually make you a better practitioner and effectively improve your performance.

We hope that this article was helpful to you in purchasing the best Wing Chun Dummy. There are so many kinds of Wing Chun Dummies that are currently available in the market.

But one of the best things that you need to keep in mind is that you should only purchase the best suitable product.

Make sure to purchase the best Wing Chun Dummy to train better at home. Do not forget to let us know which one you are going to buy from our list.

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