Billie Eilish reveals that Avril Lavigne marked much of her childhood

Billie Eilish shared a cute memory from his childhood, because it revealed that the singer Avril Lavigne marked that stage of his life and shared a list of songs the singer grew up with.

The 18-year-old American singer-songwriter, listed the songs by Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne and The Beatles as essential to her childhood, particularly Lavigne's "Losing Grip", according to the NME portal.

Previously the singer's parents had shared the obsession As big as Billie was for Justin Bieber, now this brings us a little closer to her.

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This is my favorite Avril song, a very big song from my childhood as well as 'Complicated' as well as 'I'm With You' as well as 'Sk8er Boi', 'Girlfriend', 'blah blah blah' , 'Keep Holding On'.

That was how the singer talked about each of the songs that they left something inside her since she was a girl.

"Losing Grip" was released in the year 2003 As the final single from Lavigne's debut album Let Go, however she heard it later.

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The theme came back to my life in 2018, and we used to listen to this song. God … he used to shout this song in the car. God, this song, "Eilish continued." This chorus is like … Oh my gosh, it's so good, and the beat … oh my gosh.

The more I listened to the song the more it was his emotion, because he remembered each one of the moments of that time.

I have never heard such a sound in my life. There is no other song like this. There is no other song I tell you that this song does not age. I was with all my friends two years ago and we screamed this song wherever we went. God. Every time I hear that beginning, I say, 'Okay, let's get ready. Good. '", He told in an interview for Apple Music.

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Elsewhere in the interview, Eilish chose a song by Britney Spears random by using a random function, which resulted in Spears' 1998 hit "Baby One More Time".

This is an incredible song. Dude, this was Britney's and it was amazing. I also yell at Britney, because lately, she's been … Or ever since she was on Instagram, which was a few weeks ago, she posted a couple of videos of my songs and I almost got in my pants. So I love you, Britney, "said Eilish.

In this way I also emphasize that Britney Spears It formed a large part of his life, as his songs were full of life and great rhythms.

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But this one, this one, is a classic. Everyone knows 'Baby One More Time'. I used to dance in the room with this on my horrible little speaker. Come on, Britney.

Eilish also included the 1969 single from the Beatles "Something", taken from their penultimate album Abbey Road.

I remember hearing this song when I was in love, or whatever, and yes. This song really, once again, caught me. I do not know. I think it's a very well put song, "he said.

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