BIRDIE WING GOLF GIRLS’ STORY SEASON 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

BIRDIE WING GOLF GIRLS’ STORY SEASON 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Athletic events and anime are two of our favorite forms of television. Now picture a mix of the two. Isn’t it a captivating sensation? The enchantment is real; our fantasy is realized in Birdie Wing Golf Girls’ Story, an anime/sports hybrid.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the third season of Birdie Wing Golf Girls’ Story since the previous two ended. The Japanese animation studio Bandai Namco Pictures and director Takayuki Inagaki created the golf-themed Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story (often written as Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story).

During April to June of 2022, the first season ran on television, and from April through June of 2023, the second ran. In June 2023, a sports game was published by Viverse and WOWWOW Technology.

The subject of today’s talk is, as you would expect, an anime centered on sports. In Birdie Wing: Golf Girl’s Story, we follow the lives of two rival golfers who compete against one another but secretly like one another.

Legendary golfer Eve faces off against fellow golfing superstar Aoi in this anime series. Birdie Wing: Golf Girl’s Story has risen to the top of the sports anime genre thanks to these two, who steal the show.


If a third season is in the works, it may premiere in April 2024, taking into account the first two. As of this writing, Birdie Wing Golf Girls’ Story is still airing.


The third season trailer for BIRDIE WING: GOLF GIRLS’ STORY is not yet available.


  • Eve
  • Aoi Amawashi
  • Amane Shinjō
  • Lily Lipman
  • Reiya Amuro
  • Leo Millafoden
  • Rose Aleon
  • Ichina Saotome
  • Kinue Jinguji
  • Mizuho Himekawa
  • Kaede Oikawa
  • Kaoruko Iijima
  • Kuyou Iseshiba
  • Vipere
  • Haruka Misono
  • Seira Amawashi
  • Klein Clara


Many were curious about the possible stories of this animated series with the introduction of the first season. Fans are sure to gush over an anime series with fantastic plot points and substantial character growth. Fans are eager to find out when Season 2 of Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story will be released after seeing Season 1.

Gladly, Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story Season 2 is officially in the works. Officials have confirmed that an anime series will return for a second season. Fans were already getting ready for what was to come as the tale of the animated series ended on a dramatic cliffhanger.

The anime series’ enormous potential in the field of entertainment is not surprising. Fans of the anime know it will return because of the show’s enormous popularity.

Therefore, it was not shocking when the official confirmed the show’s renewal and revealed that they would be creating a second season.

The audience is now eager to find out what happens in the next season. If you’re curious about this story and would like to know more, keep reading to uncover some fascinating facts.

Nafrece is a European state where the series’ heroine, Eve, lives in the shadows. Eve wants to be of service to her adoptive parents in some way since she feels a duty to them as an adopted child.

Eve makes a living playing unsanctioned golf tournaments since she is a talented golfer. Up until Aoi, only a few humans have managed to triumph against Eve. Eve lays the groundwork for their friendship by challenging Aoi to a round of golf.

Despite Eve’s egotism and selfishness, Aoi finds her refreshing and even develops feelings for her. Over the previous two seasons, Eve and Aoi have delighted millions of people. A Golf Girl’s Story: Birdie Wing As of this writing, Season 2 has not resolved the romantic tension between Eve and Aoi.

The third season of this athletic anime will go on with the story of Eve and Aoi as they navigate the world of elite athletics while embracing their emotions. Another possibility is that it will center on Eve’s backstory and finally unite her and Aoi. One such cliché may be Eve’s epic battle with the Nafrece anime.

In the first match of season two of Birdie Wing Golf Girls’ Story, Aoi and Eve face off against Kaoruku and Kuyou in the semi-finals. In the end, the two squads are tied. In her determination to show her old instructor that she is still capable, Kaoruko utilizes her superpower her fear of consequences to her advantage.

Unexpected details emerge in the last match. Eve has learned her parents’ identities, but Aoi is still trying to make sense of everything. Even though Eve and Aoi were declared victors at the conclusion of the tournament, their lives would never be the same due to the peculiar discovery that they share a father but separate mothers.

After meeting her mother’s grave, Eve travels to a different location, where she meets her butler, who divulges information he gained while tending to her.

This is a series that includes matches and more. Eve’s job is in jeopardy as news of her ties to the mafia spreads. Eve and Juha have a confrontation at the conclusion of the series. Find out who won by watching the series.


Crunchyroll has both seasons of Birdie Wing Golf Girls’ Story. Birdie Wing Golf Girls’ Story, Season 3, might potentially be broadcast on the same platform. To view the show legally, stay away from pirate sites. Keep up with the most recent headlines.

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