Blue Box Chapter 123 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Blue Box Chapter 123 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Blue Box Chapter 123 is part of a popular manga series known for captivating stories and tense moments. Fans of this thrilling series are eagerly awaiting for Chapter 123 to be released since they’ve been craving more action and character development.

If you’re a lover of this genre, be ready to be spoiled with the newest information and teased for more. Whether or whether Taiki’s emotions for Chinatsu are reciprocated is a major plot point in this romantic sports series. To prove his love for her, he joins the nations in their pursuit of her.

Blue Box, a manga renowned for its ideal balance of romance & sports, has achieved enormous popularity among readers throughout the globe since its rebirth as a continuing series in April 2021.

Its strong cast of characters, intriguing narrative, and surprising turns have won over audiences. This article will examine Blue Box from its inception to its current state, focusing on the elements that have made it a popular manga series among readers.

The universe of blue boxes is evolving. Taiki is in his second year as a senpai on the badminton team and is learning to guide the incoming freshmen, some of whom have good attitudes and others who are less than welcoming.

Taiki’s evolving skill set as a player of badminton for his school creates a compelling new dynamic. In order to find find out what happens next, you’ll have to wait for the publication of Blue Box Chapter 122.

Blue Box Chapter 123 Release Date:

More people across the globe will be able to read Blue Box Chapter 123 from Sunday, October 29, 2023. The first release is scheduled for midnight JST, with early access in North America beginning at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET. When it becomes available, check it out on Manga Plus, the Shonen Jump manga reading app, and the VIZ Media Blue Box Portal.

Blue Box Chapter 123 Trailer Release:

A video teaser for Blue Box 123 is really available.

Blue Box Chapter 123 Storyline:

Taiki’s reputation as a senior and formidable badminton player is being challenged by Haruto, a first-year. In Chapter 122, he accepts the challenge he poses to the young prodigy.

Taiki’s fans marvel at his ability to gently dominate play with his signature feinting approach, yet he remains in the game thanks to his persistence and talent.

Possibly Chinatsu, but more recently also Akari, as word of her affection on him spreads. Chinatsu, however, doesn’t seem intimidated; rather, he seems pleased that Taiki has gained so many new supporters and is continuing to flourish. But can he really bring Haruto down to his level?

Taiki’s reputation as a talented badminton player and a well-respected senior is growing as he enters his second year. Akari, Hyoto’s freshman sister, has shown this attitude toward him most clearly by thanking him for his guidance and praising him in general.

While Haruto’s brilliance is undeniable, his attitude toward his fellow freshmen is unfriendly, and he risks losing the appreciation of his teammates if he doesn’t change. While Taiki and Chinatsu are hanging out in the last few panels, Taiki tells Chinatsu that he has his job cut out for them as a senpai.

As Valentine’s Day chocolates are exchanged between friends and loved ones, duplicate boxes begin to crop up. Both Ayame’s and Chinatsu’s chocolate boxes were wrapped together, thus it stands to reason that they seem identical to one another. Nonetheless, Taiki first suspected that Ayame had given Matsuoka one of the boxes.

She swiftly sets everything right by informing him that he truly is her boyfriend at the chapter’s conclusion, which is sweet. Since Matsuoka had refused chocolate out of concern for their mutual acquaintance, Ayame’s gesture of kindness is all the more appreciated.

Since then, she has been deprived of chocolate and feels bad about it, thinking about him. Kyo will see this and assume he is simply handing out chocolate to everyone. Oh awful, things seem to be going badly for Matsuoka at the moment.

He probably won’t be able to control his affections for Ayame if Hina ends up with Kyo. As a young athlete, however, Taiki is more vocal and assertive.

For instance, he declared his intention to play against Haryu in the next spring national qualification match. Blue Box Chapter 121 continues several ongoing storylines.

As we saw in Chapter 121, a box of chocolates mix-up led to an unusual twist of fate just as Valentine’s Day was coming. Taiki had a moment of uncertainty, thinking that Ayame was giving Matsuoka her chocolate since the boxes were so similar to Chinatsu’s.

But Ayame quickly assured him that their bond was strong. Matsuoka was moved by her kindness when, after a long period without receiving any gifts or favors of any kind, she gave him some chocolate.

Matsuoka’s emotional troubles were compounded when Kyo misunderstood the circumstances and concluded that he was getting chocolate from more than one source.

The mounting love tension between Hina & Kyo made it harder for him to deny his attraction to Ayame. Taiki’s rising stardom and self-assurance as a player were on display recently when he publicly challenged Haryu to a match in the forthcoming national qualifying round.

Several fascinating narrative strands were left dangling at the end of Chapter 121, making readers even more eager for the next installment.

They can’t wait to see where the plots go and what challenges their favorite characters will encounter next. Readers of Blue Box are on the edge in their seats because of the novel combination of romance, athletics, and character development it provides.

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Where To Watch Blue Box Chapter 123?

The most recent chapter of the manga would be freely accessible on Manga Plus & Viz. Chapter 123 would also be available in Shonen Jump Plus’ raw format. Another excellent option for viewing the manga is the web-based manga reader Mangakalot.

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