Brett Cullen talks about the plot of Thomas Wayne in Joker


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Now what "Joker" It has reached theaters and has a promising future ahead, those in charge behind the tape can start talking freely about the most prominent elements in the history of Arthur Fleck. On this occasion we have an interview he has granted actor Brett Cullen to The Hollywood Reporter in which he talks about his experience on the set and about one of the turns concerning Thomas Wayne.

We warn of important SPOILERS! from "Joker".

At a certain moment in the film we discovered that Arthur's mother is so interested in seeking the help of Thomas Wayne, for whom he worked decades ago, because he believes he is the father of his son, thus making Arthur a Wayne. However, later it is discovered that Penny Fleck was locked in a psychiatric hospital and that Arthur is adopted, finally leaving the doubt of what is true and what is not.

I was quite surprised when I read the turn. I approached Todd and told him "Are we doing it the way I think we are doing it?" and he answered me "What would be a good reason for the Joker to hate Batman so much?". The fact that he is an illegitimate son who received nothing from the Wayne family is a real motivation for his hatred. This movie makes you feel sorry for Arthur when you see him trying to survive with his mother and she keeps saying "Go see Thomas Wayne, he will help us, he is a good man". It is heartbreaking.

As for his interpretation of the subplot, Cullen states that, for him, Wayne and Penny had an affair while she worked for him and finally it was he who ended up locking her in Arkham.

What I like about this movie is that it deals with real people with realistic flaws that make mistakes. Some are made to protect themselves, such as separating Arthur and his mother.

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