can there be a remedy for Neil’s ending?

The latest film by Christopher Nolan, the beloved / hated Tenet, kept us company for a long time towards the end of summer 2020, released in the hall when the Second Wave risk of infections was still far away, but now we want to try to answer a question: Neil (Robert pattinson) could he get salty at the end of the film?

The question is complex, given the presence of a narrative construct that plays with the passage of time, with directions “vector“of the same and therefore with time travel and with the presence in the same spatial plane of the same person. In the conclusion of the film, Neil accepts his fate knowing that his death will be essential to save the world, also aware that his sacrifice is an essential condition for this to happen.

Nolan leaves the door open to explore further the character’s adventures alongside the Protagonist, but Neil explicitly states that “these have already happened in his past and that this is the end of his story“This means that Neil’s death is integral to Nolan’s overall inspiration for the film and that” qHow much success has now happened” e it cannot be changed, also to conceptually render the title an autonomous palindrome.

The death of Neil therefore puts an end to his relationship with the protagonist, while for the protagonist it is the beginning of the same. Neil’s survival would deeply undermine the entire conceptual body of the work, leaving them to lose their meaning and power.

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