Candice Renoir Season 12 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Candice Renoir Season 12 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Written by Solen Roy-Pagenault, Robin Barataud, & Brigitte Peskine, the French criminal drama Candice Renoir has been airing on France 2 since April 19, 2013.

After 11 seasons, the program was finally pulled off the air. Acorn TV distributed the show in Australia and Europe. It seems like you’re loving Candice Renoir, which isn’t surprising when we consider the amazing actors or the most recent episodes; as a result, you may be wondering whether or not the program will return for an 11th season or if this is it.

Many viewers of television in 2013 found great satisfaction in watching the series Candice Renoir, particularly those who consider themselves die-hard aficionados of crime and drama.

Cécile Bois elaborates on the final six parts of the Sète chapter, the decision to film this “final season” (which isn’t really one), as well as Candice Renoir’s forthcoming debut single in light of the release of this tenth batch.

When all the knotty bits are smoothed down, the fans go wild. What a spectacle Candice Renoir is! Fans will realize that the everyday challenges are portrayed here in a humorous way. The show’s protagonist never seems stressed.

It encourages them to enjoy life and not take themselves too seriously. France is home for Candice Renoir. The program is a procedural criminal drama. Surprisingly for a criminal show, there’s quite a bit of levity.

Candice Renoir Season 12 Release Date:

The ratings for the new seasons were similarly lower than those for the original runs. One possible explanation is that people are tuning in to the new programs. Candice Renoir, however, was well adored. France 2 aimed to provide fresh programming to its viewers as well.

Viewers of Candice Renoir may now see the show’s back catalog online. Season 12 would premiere in early 2024 if the studio gave the go-ahead, so keep that in mind.

Candice Renoir Season 12 Trailer Release:

There is currently no Season 12 of Candice Renoir trailer available for viewing online. Trailers from prior seasons are currently accessible on the show’s official YouTube account.

Candice Renoir Season 12 Cast:

  • Cécile Bois as Candice Renoir, Police Major
  • Raphaël Lenglet as Antoine Dumas
  • Clara Antoons as Emma Renoir
  • Etienne Martinelli as Jules Renoir
  • Alexandre Ruscher as Léo Renoir
  • Paul Ruscher, as Martin Renoir,
  • Aude Forget as Laurette
  • Alix Poisson as Pascale Ibarruri
  • Arnaud Giovaninetti as Laurent Renoir
  • Alexandre Varga as Hervé Mazzani
  • Mhamed Arezki as Jean-Baptiste Medjaoui
  • Samira Lachhab [fr] as Yasmine Attia
  • Gaya Verneuil [de] as Chrystelle Da Silva
  • Stéphane Blancafort as David Canovas
  • Delphine Rich [fr; it] as Aline Jego
  • Ali Marhyar as Mehdi Badhou
  • Nathalie Boutefeu as Sylvie Leclerc
  • Olivier Cabassut as Armand Marquez
  • Yeelem Jappain [fr] as Valentine Atger
  • Benjamin Baroche [fr] as Max Francazal
  • François-Dominique Blin [fr] as Franck Davenne
  • Christopfer Ntakabanyura

Candice Renoir Season 12 Storyline:

No one knows what the eleventh season will be about yet, but it’s going to be great since there are so many unanswered questions left over from the tenth.

Since there are no more hints at its termination, it will almost definitely continue to milk the series for all its worth, whether via additional episodes, spin-offs, or even a movie adaptation.

Candice spends the last moments of Season 9 in the operating room. The news that Antoine and Emma have been waiting for from the surgeons is bad: Candice will need to remain in an induced coma.

Meanwhile, Candice Spirit’s companion Theo, a young guy in a coma after a motorbike accident, tells her he spotted a mummified body when they were wandering the hospital.

After leaving the hospital, Candice is resting and recovering. She delights in being treated like a princess by the children caring for the sick. His handsome prince and his profession aren’t enough to make up for the fact that both Candice and Antoine have more than one trick up their sleeves for evading the law they personify. While Antoine watches his assistant’s murder be reconstructed,…

Clearly not an accident, the body of seventeen-year-old Melanie Meyrieux is found gisant in the counterbass of a career. Possible ties to the storage and removal company she and her husband/beau would run, which might conceal illegal activities. Or a turn for the worst in the classroom? The investigation will lead to Melanie, a classic example of an overbearing mom….

Zoé Sénéchal, 15, has just returned from another runaway episode; this time, she’s been gone for almost a week. Adolescent prostitution, real and fake proxies, television sirens, and the risks they pose to the easily impressed are pressing matters for Candice. She has a medal-presentation ceremony to plan and attend, as well as a major misunderstanding with Antoine.

The famous anti-femicide posters with the slogan “Elle le quitte, il la tue” are pinned up by four women. Then a car suddenly appears, climbs the trottoir, and fires onto the gathered party.

One of the four women is severely injured after being precut and landing on asphalt. After leaving the theater, Candice and Antoine were rude. This investigation has uncovered no injuries at Candice’s house.

Early morning at BSU. The crew framed a dealer for murder the night before. For a long time now, Candice and Antoine have been interrogating him.

The word of Commandant Renoir leaving for Montpellier has spread, and now everyone wants to see his farewell performance. Not at all disappointed, they say. The stereotype is offensive, but Candice and Antoine are such perfect accomplices that they help each other stay inside the rules.

After their wedding didn’t go as planned, Candice and Antoine went on a honeymoon that didn’t include any nights spent in bed. They went into debt to treat themselves to a dream vacation at a luxurious resort on a beach with blue waters.

The atmosphere exudes refinement and elegance. Maybe it’s a little bit excessive? Candice stands out during dinner in her beautiful floral dress and loud, infectious laughter.

Where To Watch Candice Renoir Season 12?

The first 10 seasons of Candice Renoir may be seen in its entirety on various streaming services currently. However, it is up to each individual to double-check in their own area.

Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, Apple TV+, or YouTube all provide free trials where they may watch Candice Renoir.A virtual private network (VPN) must be used if the user cannot access any of the other platforms.

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