Cast confirmed for Marvel’s Helstrom and the season will feature 10 episodes


The Helstrom brothers in Marvel comics

Marvel Television and Hulu have announced the cast of “Marvel’s Helstrom”, the new series based on this Marvel comic that will arrive at this streaming service next 2020. At first it was going to accompany "Ghost Rider" in the introduction of Marvel terror on the small screen but for now she has been left alone.

In the series we will continue the adventures of Daimon and Ana Helstorm, the children of a mysterious and powerful serial killer. The complicated dynamics between these two twins will be the focus of attention as they pursue the worst of humanity, each using their abilities and aptitudes.

Filming is expected to start this October and the season will consist of 10 episodes, as they have been able to confirm in Deadline.

Before commenting on the details of the cast we echo those in charge of the series. First, executive producer and showrunner Paul Zbyszewski:

From the beginning we knew that we needed a group of actors that were versatile that could interpret all aspects expected of any great Marvel series, from dramatic thriller to comedy or action. It will be a lot of fun to see them work.

For his part, the president of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb has commented the following:

At Marvel Television we are excited to have such an amazing cast that enriches Paul's fantastic writing. This cast is the perfect one to get our audience into this franchise ‘Adventure into Fear’ causing the delicious nightmares that are to come.

As for the cast, the following actors are formed:

Tom Austen's picture

  • Tom Auster (‘Granchester’, ‘The Borgias’) as Daimon Helstrom: An ethics teacher who spends the night as an exorcist. Daimon does not aspire to save a world for which he has no patience, he only hopes that he can help those close to him. In his battle against the hidden world, Daimon is determined to tear out demons as they arise and will not stop until they are extinguished.

Sydney Lemmon's picture

  • Sydney Lemmon (‘Succession’, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’) as Ana Helstrom: By day, Ana runs a successful bookmaker and does not tolerate stupid people, but her real interest lies in hunting those who harm others. Traumatized by her father when she was a child, Ana has the need to rid the world of people like him, even if she secretly fears that her father will return.

Elizabeth Marvel's picture

  • Elizabeth Marvel (‘Homeland’, ‘The Meyerowitz Stories’) as Victoria Helstrom: Invaded by real and imaginary demons, Victoria has been admitted for 20 years. While she struggles to be herself, she hopes to fix the relationship with her children.

Robert Wisdom's picture

  • Robert Wisdom (‘Ballers’, ‘Watchmen’) as the Caregiver: the Caregiver is the guardian of hidden knowledge. He uses his knowledge and his relationship with Ana to keep the demons at bay.

June Carryl's picture

  • June Carryl (‘Mindhunter’, ‘Dead Women Walking’) Like Dr. Louise Hastings: a psychologist with a strong faith but an open mind, Hastings is the head of the psychiatric hospital where Victoria is being admitted. He has been taking care of the Helstrom family for years, taking care of them as best he can.

Ariana Guerra's picture

  • Ariana Guerra (‘Raising Dion’, ‘Insatiable’) as Gabriella Rosetti: a woman who balances faith and logic, Gabriella arrives from the Vatican to help Daimon and Hastings discover cases of demonic possessions. Now he wants to save everything he can, even Daimon.

Alain Uy's picture

  • Alain Oops (‘The Passage’, ‘Paper Tigers’) Like Chris Yen: Yen is Ana's business partner and best friend, some would even say he is like his brother. He is the one who carries the bulk of the auction house and helps Ana with everything she needs.

Via information | Marvel TV | Deadline


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