Celia Lora bodysuit totally transparent, her fans adore it


The Mexican model Celia lora surprised his admirers by posing in a Body transparente, showing off her stunning beauty.

There is no doubt that the daughter of Alex Lora, vocalist of the rock group El Tri, always finds a way to hook her fans in each of her publications, which have an immediate response through likes, because the comments have been blocked. by the model.

Celia lora has managed to become a celebrity on social networks and television, despite the fact that we have constantly seen being part of controversial doors, the reality is that it has managed to get out of each of the problems in which it has been involved.

Since he started his role as model She has earned millions of followers, surely anyone who lives in Mexico recognizes her name immediately.

Celia Lora is characterized by being an extremely flirtatious woman, who is also not afraid to show her charms with little or no clothes.

Despite the fact that he already has endless photographs and videos, he always finds a way to captivate Internet users, whether it be with a new dress model, a different pose or simply a snapshot taken from another angle.

On this occasion we see her sitting in an unusual chair, surely some people could relate it as the cage of some cute birds which seems to be cut in half, Celia Lora is leaning on it, with one of her legs up and is taking her hair, with her other arm she has it on the chair.

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The impressive thing about the photography of Celia lora It is the outfit she is wearing, this consists of a transparent bodysuit that highlights her skin even more, which has some inlays with embroidered details such as flowers and green leaves, these are quite tiny so they do not detract from the Mexican model.

If you want to see the output photograph achieved, click on the following LINK so you can enjoy the panorama.

For some time she has been sharing striking photographs on the stage, as you will remember during the quarantine she was living with her parents, several of the photographic sessions that shared Instagram were scenes from her own home, now we can enjoy seeing her appear in other places.

Besides modeling Celia lora She is also characterized by being a successful businesswoman, television presenter, host and participant in some reality shows, at the beginning of the year she appeared in Acapulco Shore not as a member of the house, but rather as the boss also known as the Boss.

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The most recent project in which she will participate is a new reality show that according to statements by her and another of the members, something like this had never been done around the world, and that is that the six Influencers who will participate including Celia Lora will have to play some games esoteric and even paranormal, the name of the reality show is "Barak the experiment" which will begin in four days and will last for a full 10 days, they will be recorded 24 hours a day.

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Surely this new program will be a success and possibly more seasons will be launched, the only problem is that to be able to see it 24 hours a day you have to pay your ticket so do not miss this new project and enjoy seeing five Mexican influencers in the same place doing this type of activity.

With each of your shares of Celia lora On television, not only as a participant, collaborator or in interviews, the model and businesswoman becomes more and more popular, despite this and the fame she has acquired in recent years, she has not ceased to be a humble person, she also claims not to be someone overbearing that speaks highly of her.

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