Chainsaw Man Chapter 108 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Chainsaw Man Chapter 108 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man is a highly acclaimed manga series from Japan. Aside from winning the 66th place Shogakukan Manga Award in the shōnen category and the Harvey Awards in the Best Manga category in the years 2021 and 2022, Chainsaw Man has over 16 million copies in circulation as of the article’s publication.

Wednesday, October 26th at 12 a.m. JST will mark the publication of Chainsaw Man Chapter 108. Fans of the popular manga series created and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto are eagerly anticipating the next issue.

People are eagerly anticipating the outcome now that Yuko & Asa Mitaka are finally facing each other. Chapter 107, “School Shooter,” of Chainsaw Man details Yuko’s all-out assault on Yoru.

Even though there were relatively few casualties, it was another wild episode. It seems like Yuko has lost her mind and is determined to get even with Asa. Yoru, however, is determined not to allow it to happen.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 108 Release Date:

The first installment of the Chainsaw Man Volume was released in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine by Shūeisha publisher from December 2018 to December 2020. A total of eleven bound books include this material.

On July 13, 2022, the second installment was released. On October 25, 2022, Chainsaw Man Chapter 108 will be published by the creators.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 108 Trailer Release:

You may see a preview of Chainsaw Man Part 108 on YouTube, yes.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 108 Storyline:

The battle between Yoru and Yuko broke out. Despite Yoru’s nimble evasion, Yuko manages to crush her in a class. Fear grips the class as their instructor orders a mass exodus.

The group begins to disperse. When the Justice Devil unexpectedly turns there, the pupils begin to freak out, even though they first believe it is only a practice. Some females whom she sees as bullies are the ones she goes after.

When Yoru throws the weapon at Yuko, the latter seizes it and claims she can anticipate her every move. She finds out that she can use commonplace objects to craft weak weapons, which Yoru notes.

Using the spear, Yuko swiftly dispatches one of the bullies girls. A second bully girl is killed when she bangs her head on a wall. She then begins to look for the third female.

But then the Devil Hunter Club’s Seigi Akoku shows himself right in front of her. Just till a demon hunter shows around, he’ll buy you some time. With some reluctance, Yuko assaults him, but he manages to parry her blow and fights back.

Yoru seizes the chance to assault her at the same time. When two more hunters arrive, they launch a coordinated assault. Because they are obstructing her, Yuko becomes irate and accuses them of being evil. With a single strike, she slaughters them all.

In a sudden change of direction, Yuko informs Yoru that she is aware of all her schemes and secrets. She enumerates each one and informs her that they are all pointless.

But “leave it all to Asa” is the one strategy she fails to grasp. So, Yoru returns her body to Asa. Yuko orders Asa to leave after seeing her. Reading Asa’s mind irritates her, so she asks her what she’s thinking.

There will likely be some back-and-forth dialogue between Yuko and Asa in the first half of the book, with the fighting and action abruptly ending at the conclusion of chapter 106 when Asa regains control of her body.

They have a lot on their minds; Asa is angry that her friend would turn to such measures, while Yuko probably feels aggrieved for being friends with the Devil Host.

Also, Yuko knows of Asa’s intentions because of the Justice Devil’s powers. In the first part of the issue, they will probably talk about her goals, but because they both know what they are, the dialogue will be quite vague. Fans may anticipate that Asa will instead implement a backup plan if the strategy is revealed to them in this chat.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the publication of Chapter 108, since the 107th part was just published. Since the developers have been mum on the subject of the next chapter’s content, we are at a loss as to what to expect.

One of the protagonists, Denji, is a demon hunter. He was born and raised in a world wherein demons coexist with humans in 1997. Devils come in many shapes and sizes, and they all stand for different things that people are scared of.

This is significant because it shows that the devil gains strength when people are terrified of something. The plot opens with Denji being coerced into joining the Yakuza, a criminal organization. The proprietor of the organization has threatened Denji’s life until he pays off the amount that his father owes to it after his death.

In the end, Denji’s father’s debt is paid off thanks to the demons he killed with the assistance of his buddy Pochita, who is a Yakuza. After Denji’s father died, Pochita and Denji lived in poverty.

One day, the Yakuza took them to a warehouse for their devil-hunting task, but it turned out to be an ambush, which meant they were assaulted.

This happened because the Yakuza wanted to gain power, so they made a pact with a zombie demon that despised the devil hunters; as a result, the zombies slaughtered Denji and Pochita.

Pochita gains the ability to get a further agreement with Denji, which states that Denji must maintain a regular life in order to acquire Pochita’s heart.

This occurs when the demons in the narrative are in the garbage and Denji’s blood runs down to Pochita’s mouth, thereby healing them. The two had always fantasized about this.

Where To Watch Chainsaw Man Chapter 108?

Only on Viz Media’s official site can you get Chainsaw Man in a standard format. The most recent chapters are available in English on Viz Media’s official website.

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