Chainsaw Man Chapter 153 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Chainsaw Man Chapter 153 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The manga artist and writer of the Chainsaw Man series is Tatsuki Fujimoto from Japan. Week Big Comic Spirits, a seinen manga magazine published by Shogakukan, began publishing the manga in January 2018. A concept by Tatsuki Fujimoto served as its foundation.

The characters, artwork, themes, & plot developments of Chapter 153 will be discussed and summarized in this article. Several famous persons have ties to Chainsaw Man as well. Chainsaw Man is an excellent sports manga series that may provide you with extra information if needed.

Asa Mitaka takes center stage in Chainsaw Man Part 2, the second instalment of the Academy Saga. She strikes a bargain via Yoru the War Devil, who demands that she eliminate Chainsaw Man, if she wants to stay alive.

The Chainsaw Man Church, an organization mostly comprised of youths who revere Chainsaw Man and engage in demon hunting in his honor, has been the focus of the present plot arc.

Asa is the face of the group and an active member. At times, she commands more admiration than Chainsaw Man does, thanks to her enhanced strength.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 153 Release Date:

The good news is that January 17, 2024, will be the publishing date of Chainsaw Man Chapter 153. Time of publication for Chainsaw Man will vary among regions.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 153 Trailer Release:

Chapter 153 of Chainsaw Man does not yet have a trailer video.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 153 Storyline:

In the next chapter, a demon attacks Fumiko and the rest of the Public Safety Division, while Mirio and the other man who seemed to have been murdered by Quaxi return.

After Mirio catches Fumiko, he begins to explain to Denji that they were doing this for the sake of a brighter future as he continues to reel at the sight of his house and pets destroyed in a fire.

Our goal is to avert the prophesy of Nostradamus. Mirio demonstrates to Denji that he can transform to a chainsaw man in times of anger; this will assist them in preventing the aforementioned prophesy, which Denji still fails to understand.

Nayuta becomes enraged at witnessing Barem get to his feet as well. She then utilizes her power to control the former, but Barem refuses, claiming he can handle it on his own as he is likely still controlled by Makima. He firmly grasps her neck and declares that their plan would have succeeded if Makima were still alive.

A more peaceful and organized world would have resulted if she had utilized the Chainsaw Man to vanquish the demon. Nonetheless, they want to punish Chainsaw Man in this way since he was responsible for her death.

While Nayuta frees herself from Barem’s grip by controlling a neighboring law enforcement officer, who then shoots him again, Denji, enraged, goes for his chest and pulls the trigger, transforming into a guy with a chainsaw. But just as he’s about to do it, Pochita pops into Denji’s head and transforms into Chainsaw Man all over again.

A demon attacked Fumiko and her Public Safety Division comrades in Chainsaw Man Chapter 151. Out of nowhere, Mirio and another man—whom everyone had assumed was dead appeared. Denji was startled to find his house and dogs engulfed in flames as Mirio seized Fumiko.

In an effort to avert Nostradamu’s prophesy, Mirio said they were striving for a brighter future. Denji was perplexed and unable to understand what was happening. Mirio insisted Denji become to Chainsaw Man by infuriating him because he wanted to demonstrate a point.

Surprising everyone, Barem got up when he was supposed to be down. When Nayuta saw this, she attempted to use her abilities to subdue him. But Barem was certain that he may be influenced by Makima even without her.

He revealed that their strategy hinged on Makima’s survival by grabbing Nayuta by the neck. If Makima had been there, he claims, they might have employed Chainsaw Man to vanquish the demon and establish global peace. However, they planned to punish Chainsaw Man for killing Makima.

Fumiko is rendered immobile while the Spear Hybrid & Miki apprehend her. Miki defends their actions, arguing that they are necessary to save the planet, but Denji labels them as monsters.

When he insists that halting Nostradamus’s prophesy is the purpose of their whole mission, Denji accuses him of being mad. His belief in such is ridiculed even by the Whip Hybrid.

Barem is unharmed when Nayuta fires one of her shackles at him. He snatches her neck and yells at Denji. According to her, Denji is being punished for taking advantage of the tranquility that Public Safety offered him, and Makima has the power to vanquish the Death Devil.

Meanwhile, Nayuta gets a few of the public security personnel to shoot Barem by releasing one of her shackles on him. Near the home that is on fire, Pochita is seen waving to Denji as she dashes for her brother. When he transforms, he accidentally pulls his chord and falls. Nayuta, in her concern, inquires as to the source of his mirth.

Where To Watch Chainsaw Man Chapter 153?

The manga series Chainsaw Man, written by Tatsuki Fujimoto, is not a manhwa, the term for comics that come from South Korea. All chapters of the manga are available on Manga Plus and the Viz Media app and website.

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