Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez, on hiatus in the style of Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann

The couple made up of Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez It is barely for the year of turning a year together and strong rumors of crisis already surround the so controversial marriage, they say they have taken a pause in the style of Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann.

The rumors have become more and more strong and everything seems to indicate that the couple has finished their Honeymoon, sooner than they expected.

After they came to light, some signs indicating an alleged infidelity by Lorenzo Mendez, has given rise to new details about the couple's situation being exposed.

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Now they assure that not even they sleep together, everything points to Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez they are separated in the same style as the comedian's daughter, Eugenio Derbez and her husband Mauricio Ochmann.

Apparently, between the two there is a pause and not a third person in disagreement as was originally speculated.

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Possibly the suspicions They were the main enemy of the couple, who now apparently have decided to put a pause between them to solve their problems, just as they did Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann, they assure.

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The most recent reports on the new routine of the couple They were provided by the media Suelta la Sopa, which showed images of a paparazzi in which the singer was caught, jumping from the wall of his own house to enter, after a few minutes, as well as entered, left and left in a Uber.

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No one opened it and everything seems to indicate that he does not have keys either. After spending two weeks in the city of El Paso, Mendez returned to Los Angeles, however, could not see his wife, Chiquis Rivera.

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Through the video clips, Lawrence appears loading suitcases with which he traveled from El Paso to Los Angeles.

Apparently at that time, Chiquis Rivera He was not there since he shared moments with his friends somewhere in the city.

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However, at another time, images captured Lawrence leaving the house of the sister of Jacquie Rivera, skipping the fence, later, the businesswoman and singer also leaves the house and tries to go alone in her truck, however, her own family intervenes so that she and Lawrence they sit down to talk.

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