Cinema vs streaming, the obligation to go to theaters is back. Anec: “Unacceptable decree”

The Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini signed the new “decrete windows”, reintroducing the for films that receive contributions from the state. The films may be available in streaming and on TV thirty days after their release in cinemas.

“In this restart phase it is essential to support cinemas and at the same time rebalance the rules to avoid that Italian cinema is penalized compared to international cinema” declared the Minister. The decree also provides for the validity of agreements signed with streaming platforms before 2 May 2021, that is to say during the period in which the obligation to go out to the cinema was temporarily suspended due to the closure of the cinemas.

The response of the Anec lasts, the National Association of Cinema Operators, which in a long press release shared on Facebook pointed the finger at the decree just passed by Franceschini. “Exhibitors are reopening the theaters despite the difficulties and the results arrive, the public responds as they did at the end of August and September with the highlight films that have been made available,” reads the Anec note. “Italian cinema is the great absentee for the restart, despite the continuous proclamations of numerous productions, actors and directors with ready-made products, but the urgency, apparently, is to guarantee its protection for the next 8 months, aware that probably for the next 3-4 months the number of Italian titles that will arrive in theaters will be only marginal. In recent days we have seen Verdone’s film proposed in three cinemas in Rome, in the days of the reopening, without giving the opportunity to any other exhibitor to program it, only to recall the exclusivity of the platform to which it was sold. Not to mention the film by Massimiliano Bruno, “Back to crime”, which is no longer talked about; a title that could be brought to theaters in September when 80 % of the screens were open. “

In the meantime, we leave you with the complete list of films coming to the theaters.

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