Could Kimberly Loaiza have given birth, Video evidence!

A few months ago the news was confirmed that Kimberly Loaiza She was pregnant, although thousands of people had already noticed it. The Elder Cuteness did not accept it if not until recently, today the emotion has arisen because in a video they affirm that she already gave birth to her baby.

The young celebrity and star of social networks has conquered the whole country thanks to her videos, songs, collaborations and her personality, of course she has been criticized on some occasions, however she always has the love of her fans and only positive issues that come into your life.

Quickly, Juan de Dios Pantoja's wife became one of the personalities with the largest number of followers on her social networks, YouTube and even Tiktok, each of the news she has shared always tends to become a trend.

Although the couple claimed that Kim Loaiza was a certain number of months pregnant, there is the possibility that they have distorted the information a bit at their convenience, so that Internet users and perhaps some media made their own calculations about the child's birth.

Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja with experts in hiding news and sharing them at the right time, this applies to their reconciliation in 2020, launching of songs, collaborations and others, both always manage to surprise the Linduras and the Pantojitas.

On January 11, a video was shared on the JaviHoyos channel, which is titled: Kimberly, did you confirm? who gave birth with this video, where she shares some stories shared by Juan de Dios Pantoja, we'll show you right away.

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In the video you can clearly see Kimberly Loaiza Lying on the bed with Kima next to her playing with a small ball, something interesting is that her belly actually looks less bulky, which is why the youtuber's surprise.

In another scene, Kimberly Loaiza appears standing up, the same thing happening that her belly seems less bulging than when she shared her latest videos on Tiktok.

Well, since I hide 7 months of pregnancy for obvious reasons such as not going to hide the birth, she does it for her sake so that they do not criticize her baby as much as she is, "they wrote.

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There is another video where the Juan de Dios gallery supposedly appears where you can see two photographs of a baby, the images are blurred, so if you can identify that it is not a newborn baby, it is perhaps one of his nephews .

Some netizens immediately wrote in the comment box that the baby would be born in February as confirmed by the couple, however there is a possibility that Kimberly Loaiza have had it before, in the event that the dates are early, don't you think, if so, their fans will be excited to meet the new member of the Pantoja Loaiza family of whom they have not shared the name so far, they may reveal it when duly present it in one of their videos or photographs on social networks.

It should be remembered that this pregnancy hid it for certain reasons that her followers later understood, although it was something practically immediately, the interpreter of "Do not be jealous" said that this second she enjoyed it a lot, this because she did not receive criticism or bad comments from the haters.

Leave Kimberly alone about her pregnancy, stop gossiping that isn't. She is going to have the opportunity to tell us that she has become a mother again, "wrote one netizen.

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