“Edward Cullen’s role could have been mine”

In a recent interview with Variety Scott Eastwood revealed that he was very close to the role of Edward Cullen, the famous protagonist of the Twilight film saga born from the pen of Stephanie Meyer.

First going into development at Paramount Pictures in the early 2000s, the franchise stalled for some time before its drights were sold to Summit Entertainment in 2007. Although it received mixed reviews from critics, the Twilight saga achieved immense box office success, grossing over $ 3.346 billion in total.

Precisely these astronomical figures have led Scott Eastwood to regret the role of the shiny vampire since, this much mistreated part not only guaranteed a Robert Pattinson some notoriety but also a lot of money.

“What was supposed to be a single movie turned into a 5-movie saga and Robert Pattinson earned a quadrillion dollars. [ride]. I thought about it and I thought that maybe I could give a few more chances to this role that I took very little into consideration “.

And while Scott Eastwood regrets that role, it appears that Robert Pattinson despite the multitudes of films made and the huge collaborations with extraordinary directors, still can’t get rid of the Twilight vampire label.

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