Dakaichi Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Dakaichi Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Dakaichi or I’m being tormented by the hottest guy of the year is a famous romance book that was inspired by a manga series written and drawn by Hashigo Sakurabi.

The narrative of the television series follows Junta Azumaya, an aspiring actor who is enthusiastic about creating his profession in the entertainment field.

His complicated feelings for his ex-lover and co-star, Takato Saijo, are explored throughout the series. The obstacles they must overcome as working adults are the focus of the romantic drama series. The narrative explores the complex bond between Junta & Takato, which has won the hearts of fans all around the globe.

DAKAICHI: I’m Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year is a Yaoi (homoerotic) manga series that was adapted into a romantic anime television series. Hashigo Sakurabi’s manga series started off on July 31, 2014, & new chapters are released weekly.

Fans of the manga and newcomers alike were immediately captivated, and many have been waiting patiently for news of an additional season ever since.

As new chapters are being written for the manga, there is always the possibility of additional anime episodes being produced. This concludes our knowledge about Season 2 of Dakaichi.

Originally published in Japan under the title Dakaretai Otoko Ichi-i ni Odosarete Imasu, Hashigo Sakurabi’s Dakaichi is a popular manga series.

It began serialization in the yaoi monthly Magazine Be Boy in July 2013, and since then, eight tankbon volumes have been released collecting the story.

During October to December of 2018, CloverWorks presented an anime version of the show. In October of 2021, an anime film based on the manga’s Spanish Arc debuted in theaters.

Dakaichi Season 2 Release Date:

Is almost certain to be renewed for another season. The release of Dakaretai Otoko Ichii Seiyuu Season 2 is expected to occur in 2024.When we get more information on Dakaretai Otoko Ichii Seiyuu Season 2, we will post it here.

Dakaichi Season 2 Trailer Release:

As of right now, there has been no trailer video accessible for Dakaichi Season 2 yet.

Dakaichi Season 2 Storyline:

Actor Takato Saij has won the title of “sexiest male of the year” in the world of entertainment for the last five years running. However, a new actor named Junta Azumaya has just surpassed him. While Takato first views Junta as a competition, Junta has a deep respect for him and falls deeply in love with him.

Takato Saijo, the protagonist, is a 28-year-old businessman. Actor Takato Saijo has been working in the industry since he was just eight years old, giving him a combined 20 years of expertise.

Due to its charming appearance and expert acting, it topped a magazine’s “Men who desire to be embraced” list for five years running. Takato, who had hoped to reprise his role as series lead this year, will instead see Junta Higashiya assume that role.

Junta Higashiya is a brand-new actor, although he has plenty of stage experience. Takato has a negative impression of Junta Higashiya since he was hired as a supporting actor in the film featuring Higashiya for the very first time, and the guy who wishes to be hugged by Higashiya was taken away from him. However, in the meanwhile, Takato is leaving to drink with Higashiya. Takato, in his inebriated state, hurls a criticism of Higashiya at himself.

The high guy woke up on Junta Higashiya’s bed after a night of heavy drinking. After being videotaped in his ugly state from the night before, Takato is ready for a threat from Higashiya.

But what Higashiya really wanted was access to a powerful someone like himself. “I’d like to give Mr. Saijo a big hug.” Higashiya coerced Takato into initiating a sexual connection with her.

Season one focused on Takato Saijo, who has been named “Sexiest Man of the Year” five times running. Acting newcomer Junta Azumaya eventually topples him.

This newbie actor gets advise and instruction from Takato Saijo following snatching Takato’s number-one slot. However, Takato becomes antagonistic toward Junta and starts drinking.

Junta captures him when he’s intoxicated and begins to blackmail him for sexual favors. Immediately obsessed, Junta uses blackmail to force Takato into a romantic relationship with him.

Their already difficult relationship begins to take on new dimensions. In time, Junta develops undying love for Takato. Although blackmail isn’t a good method for beginning a relationship, Junta ultimately demonstrates that he would never put the woman he loves in danger. This might be developed further in Season 2.

Takato is a renowned and brilliant actor who is presently at the top level in his career. It’s been twenty years since he made his acting debut. He has been voted the sexiest man in the world by the paparazzi for the last five years running.

Takato worries about his reputation despite his conviction that he is a professional actor who is beyond such trivial honors. Just by being there, Takato knows that his fans remain out there rooting for him.

This year, Takato was voted the second sexiest male of the year, which is stunning news. Junta, who is on the up-and-up herself, has achieved more fame and fortune.

Takato isn’t only disappointed that he came in second; he also fears his more attractive competitor. The most challenging aspect of shooting has been Takato’s daily interaction with his most formidable antagonist.

As much as Takato dislikes his coworker, he cannot win an argument with him. Junta is stunning, and she is completely smitten with Takato. He might benefit from the guidance of his more seasoned peers in order to hone his acting skills. Junta’s immediate and strong attraction to Takato is reciprocated, and he attempts to keep his emotions to himself.

However, Takato’s anger with Junta only grows, and he begins to drink. He becomes intoxicated, and Junta starts blackmailing guy for sexual favors. Junta grew infatuated in an instant, and now he’s using extortion to force Takato to spend time with him.

The complex network of their relationship starts to coalesce into something more. Over time, Junta evolves into a Takato disciple. Junta ultimately proves that he wouldn’t ever injure or endanger his lover, despite the fact that he started their relationship on a fraudulent note. Season 2 might be used to expand on this idea.

Where To Watch Dakaichi Season 2?

Fans may watch the initial season of Dakaichi on Crunchyroll or Funimation while they wait for the second season to be revived. When Dakaichi is renewed for a second season, it will be accessible here as well.

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