Dandadan Chapter 135 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Dandadan Chapter 135 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Chapter 135 of Dandadan! As the plot continues to build tension, readers are eagerly anticipating Dandadan and can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Since we have gone over every single detail of the most recent Dandadan chapter, you will be well prepared to tackle volume 135 of the game. To see the most recent updates, spoilers, raw scan, and release date, scroll down this page.

On December 20, 2023, at midnight Japanese time, you’ll be able to read Volume 133 of the Dandadan series online in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump+ magazine.

Stay in for further updates as Okarun and Momo continue their quest to recover the additional golden ball and find its rightful owner from the pile of forgotten objects.

Unji Zuma vanished after acquiring extraordinary powers from a long-lost artifact during the events of Chapter 131. Something more substantial, nevertheless, has piqued the interest of Okarun and Momo than the golden ball and Zuma’s newfound abilities.

Dandadan Chapter 135 Release Date:

After much anticipation, Dandadan Chapter 135 will soon be available to see on screens. Yeah, I see! Chapter 135 of The Dandadan will be released on January 3, 2023, this week.

Dandadan Chapter 135 Trailer Release:

Indeed, a video trailer for Chapter 135 of Dandadan has been released.

Dandadan Chapter 135 Storyline:

A powerful individual intervened not long after, apologizing to the bully and pointing out that they had a policy against making females feel distressed.

This towering figure led Okarun and Momo to a group of Class D students who were watching and invited them to join them when they asked about Unji Zuma.

They found out about Zuma’s sporadic attendance after his meeting with the gold ball when they asked about Class D’s Number 3, Toriumi. Toriumi noted Zuma’s disturbing metamorphosis, saying that Zuma seemed inhuman and desired global anarchy.

Momo, who was eager to verify Zuma’s changed look, told Okarun to go into Turbo-Granny mode and use his abilities. Being the only one with the artifact’s improved senses, Toriumi was terrified to see Okarun in his changed form after touching it.

Okarun and Momo were taken aback when they arrived at Ranjaku High School and saw a group of troubled youths caught in the midst of an internal struggle.

Okarun lost his cool and carelessly swiped the bully’s hand as several people approached the couple in the midst of the mayhem. The bully had attempted to touch Momo’s hair.

Making ladies upset is against their rules, so a big, scary-looking guy eventually approached them and demanded that the bully apologize. After Okarun and Momo questioned the giant regarding Unji Zuma, the giant pointed them towards some Class D students who were watching and even offered to go along.

Their investigation into Class D’s third-grader, Toriumi, led them to the discovery that Zuma stopped showing up to class after he saw the golden ball. Zuma underwent some dramatic alterations, and Toriumi said that he now appeared completely unlike a human being. Zuma expressed his desire to destroy the planet to Toriumi as well.

Momo urges the leader and the elderly guy to relax in Chapter 134. She presses the elderly guy for an explanation as to why he refuses to go back to the realm of the diorama.

He received it as a birthday present from his father while he was in the 4th grade, the elderly guy says. The elderly man’s parents appear in a flashback. He learns from his dad that the diorama was purchased from an antique store. Along with the elderly guy, we see the diorama’s castle in action.

The elderly guy was teleported to the realm of the diorama as a result of this encounter. He claims that, among other things, the diorama’s universe has woods and creatures.

He reached out to a woman and took her hand just before committing suicide. Because of this, he went back to his actual life. While there, he informed Zuma of what had transpired. In order to rescue the girl, Zuma entered the diorama. Despite the girl’s escape, Zuma assumed her role.

The leader and the daughter go on to detail their debt to Zuma. Also, the leader reveals to Momo or Okarun that Zuma had intended to demolish the diorama world before making his triumphant return.

Zuma, according to the leader, was given the gold ball by an unknown person, who informed him he might utilize it to accomplish his aim of destroying the planet.

The leader wants the elderly guy to replace Zuma because he hasn’t been inside for a week. The elderly guy seizes a blade and begins to whirl it around.

From the boss on down to the elderly guy, Mama advises them all to relax. We want to know why the elderly guy decided against returning to the model world.

It was his father’s gift to the elderly guy on his fourth grade birthday, according to him. In a flashback, we see the elderly guy with his parents.

When he asked his dad where he obtained the model, he said an old store. An incorporated structure is the object of the elderly man’s interaction.

His thoughts turned to suicide until he saw a lady and seized her hand. This meant he had to return to reality. He remained by Zuma’s side while he recounted the events. In order to save the girl, he entered the model. As the girl fled, Zuma stepped in to replace her.

Where To Watch Dandadan Chapter 135?

On the days and times that we have specified on Viz, you will be enabled to read the forthcoming Dandadan Chapter 135.

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