Date A Live Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

They claim love is battle, and the program Date Alive puts that saying to the test. Shido Itsuka has been using dating as a weapon against spatial quakes for a long time, and he shows no signs of stopping. The fifth season of Date A Live, now dubbed Date A Live V, has been approved.

When you hear “make love, not war,” do you ever find yourself wondering, “Why not both?” If yes, you should check out Date A Live. With Season 5 on the way, it’s also a fantastic choice for marathon viewing. Find out more about Date A Live’s fifth season below.

Date A Live Season 5 Renewal Status

Now you know! The fifth season of Date Alive has been ordered. Along with the renewal news, character designer Tsunako unveiled entirely new images for the series.

Date A Live Season 5 Release Date

There is currently no set date for the release of Season 5 of Date Alive. The premiere date of Season 5 was set for July 2022. A new season of Date A Live typically premieres two years after it has been announced. Date A Live: Season 5 may premiere in the second half of 2024 if the production schedule is consistent with previous seasons.

Date A Live Storyline

Shido Itsuka’s tale begins when his sister Kotori wakes him up. Shido is the prototypical good-looking male in our society. He was on edge since so many people were dying in recent space earthquakes. Shido finds out that Kotori is the head of an intelligence group after a near-death experience.

Shido learned that the females responsible for every space quake assault are strong beings called spirits. There is a military group called AST whose mission is to combat these ghosts. Kotori’s plan is to manipulate spirits via the power of love for her brother.

Date A Live Cast

The main cast of Date A Live is seen in promotional images for the fifth season. Tohka Yatogami, Shido Itsuka, Kotori Itsuka, Origami Tobiichi, Yoshino, and Miku Izayoi all fall under this category. Performers Marina Inoue, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Ayana Taketatsu, Misuzu Togashi, Iori Nomizu, and Minori Chihara portray the aforementioned roles.

Date A Live Season 4 Recap

Season four of Date A Live opens in a planet called Eurasia, where a’spatial quake’ has killed almost 150 million people. Shido Itsuka, the protagonist, is still reeling from the effects of the incident 30 years later.

Shido encounters an unknown girl in the epicenter of a spatial quake one day. After asking his adopted sister, he finds out that the girl is really one of the “spirits.” These tremors are caused by extradimensional beings. Shido must woo and kiss these ‘Spirits’ in order to halt the earthquakes.

Date A Live Season 5 Storyline

Date A Live Season 5’s plot may have been inspired by the light novel books by Koushi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako. Fans may keep themselves occupied with the currently airing fourth season, which has proven to be Shido’s toughest yet. So far in the series, Shido has been trying to woo various ghosts he has encountered, but some of them have proven more difficult to woo than others.

Crunchyroll now offers streaming access to not just the fourth season of Date A Live, but also the previous three. Comic Book reportedly reveals the following information about the next season: Shido’s ability to keep the women happy is like a never-ending balancing act now that he has numerous spirits living with him. In addition, other ghosts show up so he may use the charm on them. Will he be able to keep this up, or will it culminate to one enormous, gigantic spatial quake, as he seals more and more, with his goals unbeknownst to them?

Date A Live Season 5 Trailer

Although there is not yet a full trailer for Season 5 of Date A Live, Studio Geek Toys has produced a teaser video.

Where to watch Date A Live?

Date A Live has only ever been available on Crunchyroll, thus it stands to reason that the fifth season will also be available there. However, there have been no definitive confirmations as of yet.

Where to watch each season online streaming: Both Crunchyroll and Funimation have the first season. Only on Crunchyroll can you watch Seasons 2 and 3. The fourth season is available on Bilibili, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Aniplus TV (South Korea).

Date A Live Rating

Date A Live is a brand new program that will soon be available on Crunchyroll. The next episode is the series’ fourth overall. The previous two were huge hits, so we have high hopes for the third. The average audience rating for this anime on MyAnimeList is 7.2, while the show has a respectable 7.1/10 rating on IMDB.

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