Director Todd Phillips Questions the ‘Joker’ Backlash, Compares Film’s Violence to ‘John Wick’

The stereotypical comic book film has stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy, although joker has hit theatres yet.

A lot of folks are questioning the film violence, also demonstrating concern that Joker will glorify its lead character.

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Joker director Todd Phillips has weighed in on the controversy, and he is not pleased about it. The filmmaker would like to understand why his movie appears to be held to a higher standard than an action movie like John Wick. Can he have a purpose?

Allow me to get this from their way up front: I have seen Joker.

I grabbed it and that I discovered it to be a incredibly well-made film with a fantastic lead performance.

It’s also. And it’s pretty violent. A number of this violence dips in relation to brutality and gore.

Concerns and questions regarding the depiction of violence in films are not anything new, but in regards to Joker, things have appeared to reach a fever pitch.

Joaquin Phoenix dropped 52 lbs to play with”Joker” at the upcoming movie after director Todd Phillips stated that he wanted his character look”wolf-like and hungry.”

“no one of us place some on it,” Phillips informed TheWrap’s Sharon Waxman in a meeting Friday.

“He only began losing weight. It was 52 lbs when we looked at exactly that which he dropped.

He moves hard. That is my boy friend, I adore him .”

Phoenix is introduced since Arthur Fleck to crowds.

Phillips reported that while Phoenix dedicated to losing all of the fat to get in character, Phoenix was not method acting while set.

The coming movie about the mythical protagonist is place in 1981 and now Phillips includes a specific reason for it.

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