Double iSmart ( Movie 8th March 2024) Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Double iSmart ( Movie 8th March 2024) Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Have you ever considered what you may do if you were given access to another person’s past? Imagine if you could relive every single one of those times. This kind of movie, titled iSmart Shankar, has a sequel named Double iSmart.

The protagonist is a contract assassin who gains access to the mind of a police officer specializing in fighting crime. The plot of iSmart Shankar centers on what occurs next as well as how he keeps his sanity.

Fans of Ram Pothineni were overjoyed to hear that he will be returning to the big screen in June for the release of iSmart Shankar 2. A lot of people who like Double iSmart may be wondering whether it’s based on a real tale.

Both Telugu superstar Ram Pothineni and seasoned filmmaker Puri Jagannadh may look back on iSmart Shankar as a defining point in their careers.

Though it was the actor’s greatest box office success to date, the director’s career was given a new lease of life. He is responsible for such blockbuster Telugu movies as Pokiri, Businessman, Temper, & Badri.

The filmmaker followed the popularity of iSmart Shankar with Liger, starring Vijay Deverakonda, which was a commercial failure. Now, for a follow-up, he has returned to iSmart Shankar’s universe.

Double iSmart ( Movie 8th March 2024) Release Date:

Action sequences are no longer the only focus of modern South Indian cinema. They’re known for their originality in narrative development.

The fantastic idea of reincarnation is often interwoven into tales of science fiction. Consider Makhi as an example. On the contrary hand, some films combine elements of criminal drama with those of science fiction. It’s a movie like Smart Shankar.

The producers unveiled a poster for the sequel in May of 2023, however it still has a while to go before it hits theaters. After releasing the poster, they decided to call the film Double iSmart, and it will premiere on March 8th, 2024.

Double iSmart ( Movie 8th March 2024) Trailer Release:

The movie Double iSmart is set to be released on March 8, 2024, although there is currently no trailer accessible online.

Double iSmart ( Movie 8th March 2024) Cast:

  • Ram Pothineni as “iSmart” Shankar/Arun (brain transfer)
  • Satyadev as Arun (original human)
  • Nabha Natesh as Chandni
  • Nidhhi Agerwal as Dr. Sarah
  • Raghu Babu is Raghu Arun’s father.
  • Sayaji Shinde as Chandrakanth, CBI Officer
  • Ashish Vidyarthi as Ramamoorthy, Central Minister
  • Raj Shetty as Devendra Viswanath
  • Tulasi as Viswanath’s wife
  • Get up, Srinu, as Shankar’s friend.
  • Aziz Naser
  • Puneet Issar as CM Kashi Viswanath
  • Madhusudhan Rao as Kaka
  • Gangavva as a woman in lorry
  • Lekha Prajapati in the “Bonalu” song
  • Puri Jagannadh as himself in the song “iSmart Theme”
  • Vikas Sethias Dharam Police Officer,Ramamoorthy Henceman

Double iSmart ( Movie 8th March 2024) Storyline:

After last year’s flop Liger, Puri Jagannadh has announced his return with a new movie. He’ll be reuniting with Ram Pothineni for the follow-up to their successful action comedy iSmart Shankar.

Puri and Charmme Kaur are co-producing it under their house label, Puri Connects. The announcement of this partnership was made yesterday, but now there is more information for the fans.

The scheduled release date of Double iSmart, the sequel to iSmart Shankar, was announced on the morning of Ram Pothineni’s birthday.

Nearly five years after the initial part debuted to tremendous collections globally (July 18, 2019), the sequel will arrive in cinemas for Maha Shivaratri next year, on March 8, 2024. The CEO of the firm is Vishu Reddy, which also had a significant role in Liger.

iSmartAssassin Shankar is street-smart and reports to his boss, Kaka. When Shankar is trying to extort money from the developer of an apartment project, he runs across a tough lady called Chandini.

Shankar develops a crush on Chandini and makes several attempts to win her over. Chandini is first irritated but quickly comes to terms with her error.

Shankar assassinates Chief Minister Kasi Vishwanath on Kaka’s instructions before fleeing to Goa with his wife, Chandini. The police eventually catch on to their whereabouts, and a firefight occurs, with Chandini dying and Shankar being taken into custody.

Similarly, researcher Sara has had success in transferring memories across rats. Arun, Sara’s fiancé and a member of the CBI, is looking into whether or not a divine hand was involved in the death of Kasi Vishwanath.

After being freed from jail, Shankar realizes the Kaka had a significant part in the murder of Chandni and is now under orders to kill Shankar as well. While Sarah phones Arun, Shankar shoots Kaka as she attempts to leave in Sarah’s vehicle.

Arun apprehends a suspect, but the suspect is later murdered in a vehicle accident, and now Arun’s superiors are looking for the murderer. Arun is ready to solve the case when the thugs open fire and murder him.

Because CBI inspector Chandrakanth needs to know who the murderer is, Arun’s memories are transferred to Shankar with the aid of Sara.

When Shankar finally comes to, he is confronted with recollections that aren’t his own. When Sara tells him the truth, he loses his temper since he knows Chandni would be forgotten in a matter of days.

The story follows a regular guy who, in his past, killed for cash. To direct his own life and provide for himself was his duty. But a single day, he got to live via the recollections of a deceased police officer.

That was a watershed moment in his personal and professional development. When iSmart Shankar was released, it was well received by those who like South Indian cinema.

They were first drawn in because of Ram Pothineni, but subsequently they began complimenting the authors for creating such a compelling plot. The announcement of the sequel’s title has piqued their interest. Is the tale of Double iSmart founded on actual events?

Is there any basis in reality for the events shown in the film? I have terrible news for anybody who really considered the possibility that this took place someplace in the globe.

No. The events depicted in Double iSmart did not really occur. Science fiction author Puri Jagannadh continues his saga with this sequel to his work iSmart Shankar.

Everything we see on screen, from the actors to the plots they develop to the events they experience, is all fabricated for the sake of the film.

The film has no basis in fact, and none of the characters are based on actual persons. The events shown in Double iSmart are not based on any truth.

If you are a fan of Ram Pothineni while you have reached this page, you are likely already familiar with the film. After the release of the poster for Double iSmart, you must have heard everything spoken about it.

If you haven’t seen iSmart Shankar yet, however, please continue on. The film depicts a regular guy’s day-to-day routine. Shankar, the main character, is a professional killer.

He carried out the contract killing of a well-known politician under Kaka’s direction. But as they dig further, the cops are on the trail of Shankar.

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