Environmental Group Raises Breakfast Cereals Contamination Concerns

An environmental group has raised concerns that some breakfast cereals are contaminated with a controversial herbicide with the potential to expose consumers to cancer risk.

The Environmental Working Group claimed that it tested 21 products and they all tested positive to glyphosate at levels that are “higher than what EWG considers protective for children’s health.”

In October, the group found out that a good number of such cereals contains glyphosate, an active ingredient in Roundup, a weed killer.

In March, a federal jury determined that Roundup was responsible for cancer in a California man.

Another company was ordered to pay $2 billion to a couple who claimed they developed cancer as a result of their exposure to Roundup. There are still over 11,000 related cases in both federal and state courts.

Current analysis shows that too much consumption of glyphosate has the tendency to increase cancer risk by a disturbing 41%.

The analysis was from people who were highly exposed to this chemical, such as those who consume it through snacks.

People can indirectly consume harmful chemical from processed foods. Research shows that processed foods can have a good dose of the chemical when it is used on farms for growing oats and other raw materials for making cereals.

However, cereal food manufacturers have come out to disprove these findings.

A representative of Bayer Crop Science expressed his opinion when he said that “the reality is that regulatory authorities have strict rules when it comes to pesticide residues, and the levels in this report are far below the established safety standards. ”



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