Everybody Loves Diamonds Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Everybody Loves Diamonds Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The second season of Everybody Loves Diamonds has not been announced for public viewing. For some time now, heist dramas have been a fan favorite. Whether or not we should thank Money Heist is unclear. The Italian heist show Everybody Loves Diamonds has gained international popularity.

The Antwerp Diamond Heist served as inspiration for the film Everybody Loves Diamonds. The year 2003 saw the release of The Antwerp Diamond Heist.

Exactly 20 years later, the release of Everyone Loves Diamonds has occurred. The show’s concept was first written down by Michele Astori & Stefano Bises. Gianluca Maria Tavarelli serves as the series’ director.

Produced by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli, Everybody Loves Diamonds is an Italian heist drama currently available on Amazon Prime Video.

The storyline centers on Italian jeweler & thief Leonardo Notarbartolo and his crew of similarly peculiar characters as they prepare the greatest diamond theft in history, modeled upon the 2003 Antwerp heist.

The opening episode of Season 1 aired in October 13, 2023. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re wondering about the release date for Season 2.

Diamonds are adored by everybody. Premiere Video, October 13, 2023. Diamonds are adored by everybody. There were eight installments.

There are two police outposts, armed guards, extensive video monitoring, and physical obstacles to keep people out of the restricted area.

Everybody Loves Diamonds Season 2 Release Date:

Season 2 of this show may recycle elements from the first season. The amount of episodes in Season 2 of Everybody Loves Diamonds is unknown, and neither has been revealed by Amazon.

The first season of Everybody Loves Diamonds has been out for just a short amount of time. Amazon & the other studios will get access to the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes as well as additional sites before the general public. It’s possible that we won’t see season 2 of Everybody Loves Diamonds until 2024.

Everybody Loves Diamonds Season 2 Trailer Release:

There is currently no accessible preview footage for Season 2 of Everybody Loves Diamonds. Previous season trailers may be seen on the show’s official YouTube account.

Everybody Loves Diamonds Season 2 Cast:

  • Kim Rossi Stuartas As Leonardo Notarbartolo
  • Anna Fogliettaas As Anna
  • Gianmarco Tognazzias As Ghigo
  • Carlotta Antonellias As Sandra
  • Leonardo Lidias As Alberto
  • Johan Heldenberghas As Inspector Mertens
  • Kim Mousaas As Fagarè
  • Synnøve Macody Lundas As Judith DeWitt
  • Issam Dakkaas As Khadir, Richard Everettas As John Lovegrove
  • Remo Gironeas As General
  • Elia Schiltonas As Levi
  • Jean Janssensas As Nadine
  • Peter Van den Begin as Simon Van de Velde
  • Mathias Kahler-Polagnoli as Ludwig Furtmeier
  • Marinko Prga as Fagare’s goon
  • Dirk Vermiert As Judge Eams
  • Kay Greidanus, a Belgian journalist
  • Martin Schwab as Pradeep Kumar
  • Malcolm McDowell
  • Athaya Mokonzi as Fagare
  • Slavko Sobin as Rafael
  • Giampiero Rotoli as Massimo
  • Angeliqa Devi is a CNN journalist.
  • Lara Almerico as Emanuela, Ghigo’s ex
  • Benny Bicker as Concierge (2022)
  • Eric Godon as Belgian consul
  • Ira Fronten as Donna Elegante
  • Yassine Fadel, a taxi driver
  • Yasemin Sannino as Deniz Kemal
  • Victor Peeters as Julius De Boer
  • Laura Fazio as an elegant woman at dinner
  • Valérie Giménez as Jacqueline
  • Maxence Dinant as Royal Palace Officer
  • Zoe Tavarelli as Marie Antoinette
  • Stefan Sattler
  • Alberto Albertino as a Little Man

Everybody Loves Diamonds Season 2 Storyline:

The 2003 “Antwerp Diamond Heist,” which became known as the “world’s largest theft of diamonds,” is the basis for the program. Predicted to develop into a nail-biter.

An Italian gang lead by the brilliant Leonardo Notarbartolo is at the core of this story. A group of low-level criminals comes up with a brilliant strategy to steal millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds from the Antwerp Diamond Center, bypassing the highest levels of security in the process.

As the program explores the intricate details of the heist, the significant stakes, and the crafty strategies used by the courageous criminals, it will take viewers on an exciting trip.

The Italian heist show Everybody Loves Diamonds has gained international popularity. The story of Everybody Loves Diamonds is based on the infamous Antwerp Diamond Heist. This is done as a token of appreciation for the Heist franchise’s devoted fan base.

In a genre dominated by dark comedies, Everybody Loves Diamonds stands apart. Leonardo Notarbartolo is the protagonist of Everybody Loves Diamonds.

He is the mastermind behind all of these robberies. Robbery accusations landed him in jail. But he has no lingering feelings of remorse about it now that he is free.

With his squad, he begins plotting a theft. With his hard work, he was able to make the squad. This group includes individuals from different walks of life, each with unique skills and abilities. These are all criminals, but somewhat more skilled thieves than the average.

The group has prepared a comprehensive strategy for this heist. They have put forth a lot of effort to see that those strategies are put into action.

He has committed the largest heist ever recorded. He burgled the Antwerp Diamond Exchange and made off with many precious stones. Meanwhile, Anna, who is in a romantic relationship with Leonardo, has stolen all of his gems.

Now that Leonardo wants his gems back, he’s on the hunt for her. The pursuit ends up becoming quite convoluted. Both the cops and Anna are on the run from Leonardo.

The series always concludes with the same chase scene. The second season of Everybody Loves Diamonds will pick up the story just where we left off.

Where To Watch Everybody Loves Diamonds Season 2?

“Everybody Loves Diamonds” is now available to view on Amazon Prime Video.

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