Fairfax Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Even though Amazon Studio’s “Fairfax” seems like a very funny animated show, it often surprises viewers with subtle emotional moments.

At its heart, “Fairfax” is a humor about just a group of middle school students in Los Angeles who are coming of age. The show’s world is an exaggerated version of our own, in which social standing and prominence on social networks are all that matter.

The performances and plot of the show are praised because they have a bit of irony and a lot of wit and humor.

Fairfax was made by Matthew Hausfater, Aaron Buchsbaum, and Teddy Riley. Since it came out, critics have said good things about it.

Fans have already been beginning to wonder if and when season 2 will come out now that season 1 is over. We’ve come with solutions!

Fairfax Season 2 Release Date:

On October 29, 2021, Amazon Prime Videos will have the whole first season of Fairfax. There are eight episodes in the season, and each one lasts somewhere around 23 and 29 minutes.

When Amazon heard about “Fairfax” for the first time in January 2020, they ordered two seasons. So, fans can be sure that the second season is already being made.

Second season will also have an extra episodes, which will bring the total to sixteen. Since no additional information has been shared, we don’t know when it will come out.

Still, since the team started working on second season from the beginning, season 2 of “Fairfax” should come out in early 2024.

Fairfax Season 2 Cast:


  • Skyler Gisondo plays Dale
  • Derica (Kiersey Clemons)
  • Peter S. Kim as Benny
  • Truman is played by Jaboukie Young-White


  • Phyllis, played by Pamela Adlon
  • The Plug Yvette as Jeff Bottoms Trini (Nicole Brown)
  • Rob Delaney plays Grant.
  • Zoey Deutch played Lily, and Colton Dunn played Principal Weston.
  • Glenn the pigeon, played by John Leguizamo,
  • Camila Mendes as Melody
  • As Jules, Larry Owens
  • Linda Park, as Joy
  • Hiroki Hassan, played by Billy Porter
  • Ben Schwartz as Cody
  • Tim Simons played Brian J. B. Smoove. Quattro the pigeon was played by
  • Dr. Phil as himself, played by SungWon Cho as Jay

Fairfax Season 2 Storyline:

A new edition from Off-Brian marks the start of the second season of “Fairfax.” The group decides to set up camp so they can get the fresh drops as soon as they start coming out. Benny is upset about his Latrine hoodie, which reminds him of a lot of good times.

Benny is convinced to start taking off his hooded sweatshirt, but shortly thereafter he realizes that the attention was making him lose himself. He got his hoodie back and decided not to go to Off-Brian. He went on a journey to make sure that Latrine was in charge.

When he goes back to school, he gets in trouble for having to wear Latrine goods while the other students learn that Weston has died.

As usual, the whole school, including past classmates, started a trending topic in Weston’s honor. They turned their sadness into a show.

People must have stopped grief stricken in person and instead started posting pictures and videos of their sadness and pain on the internet to get more people to feel sorry for them.

The season, however, shows that Weston was not dead. He had just faked his death to get out of his credit or debit card loans and also was living in a disused bunker at the school.

He used also his fake suicide to get more power and fans. He was well-known, but when he faked his own death, he ruined his own funeral.

Because of his lies, he was hated right away and it had garbage thrown at him. But within a week, everybody had forgotten regarding Weston and was crazy about the flea market.

After going on an excursion to get Latrine back, the close buddies almost turned against each other. As Truman looks for a way out, he becomes obsessed with an AI girl.

She gets Benny, Dale, and Derica, three of his best friends, to leave him in order to take over his life. She starts by helping them achieve their goals and keeping them busy.

Benny sees how Cerise is putting distance between them and getting in the way of their friendship. He helps other people see this as well.

Chartreuse, with her other hand, sets them up to look like they tried to kill someone. After what happened, President Truman made it clear that he didn’t like them.

His anger makes it hard for him to think clearly, and he decides to join Off-Brian in getting back at the other three.

Benny, Dale, and Derica work hard to find proof that Cerise is guilty. Derica gets the actual video of Cerise and puts it in a frame.

All of the video had been changed, and only this video was good enough. With the help of Brian’s brother-in-law, they track down Truman. Truman realizes he made a mistake and leaves Cerise right away to make up with his friends.

In Season 1 of “Fairfax,” Dale, Derica, Benny, and Truman, who are all in middle school, form the Gang Gang.

The rest of the series is about the Gang Gang going on different adventures and growing up in a digital world. A lot of attention is paid to the streetwear culture of Los Angeles, and season 1 is full of references to popular culture.

At the season’s conclusion, the four friends go looking for the Golden Dorito or even run into their hero.

Season 2 should start right where Season 1 ends, following the four friends’ adventures with just the right amount of wit, humor, and emotion.

Also, Gang Gang will probably meet a lot of new people who will have an effect on the lives of their friends. Also, since the creators say, “This tv series is a love letter to kids today,” we can expect even more references to popular culture and story plots that are relevant to today’s youth.

Overall, we can’t wait for season 2 to come out since we know that it’s going to be another exciting adventure through a beautifully designed and motion graphics Los Angeles.

Where To Watch Fairfax Season 2:

Just like the first season, you could indeed watch it on Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is an OTT service, very much like Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu, etc.

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