For My Abandoned Love Chapter 67 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

For My Abandoned Love Chapter 67 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The publication of Chapter 67 of For My Abandoned Love is imminent. Reading vibrant manhwas is a favorite pastime for all ages, particularly when the plot and characters are equally captivating.

Manhwas are the manga variants that are colored in Chinese. Their primary genres may differ, but the art is stunning in every one of them.

For My Abandoned Love is one of the manhwa that we have chosen to discuss today. Both the book and the Manhwa adaptation of For My Abandoned Love have captivated readers with their captivating narratives and beautiful artwork.

If you’ve been enjoying this manhwa & are anxiously awaiting the publication of the next chapter, then you can rest certain that we will not let you down! The publication date, any spoilers, and other details for Chapter 67 of For My Abandoned Love will be covered in this page.

about the following few chapters, Hestia will obsess about the possibility that Kaelus has romantic affections for her. A long-running worry of the fantasy series’ female protagonist has concerned the feelings of her male co-stars. But neither Chapter 66 of For My Abandoned Love nor anything that follows would clear up her confusion.

For My Abandoned Love Chapter 67 Release Date:

There is a weekly release for For My Abandoned Love. The scheduled publication time for Chapter 67 of For My Abandoned Love is Thursday, January 4, 2023, at 12:00 a.m. KST.

From Wednesday, January 4, 2023, at 8:30 p.m. IST, readers in India will be able to read the next chapter of For My Abandoned Love, as per their local time zone.

For My Abandoned Love Chapter 67 Trailer Release:

Chapter 67 of For My Abandoned Love does, in fact, have a promo video.

For My Abandoned Love Chapter 67 Storyline:

Hestia anticipated that the baron was going to go out at night to avoid paying off his obligation. However, she thought that they might have met with that individual and notified the investors,.

While they were unable to stop the cargo ship from going down, they could at least lessen the impact on everyone on board. Although Hestia acknowledged Baron Potos’s credibility, he felt that all investors should have been ready to bear the dangers of their bets.

It was unnecessary for Hestia to utilize her vision to prevent the accident, in Kael’s opinion. It was a good argument, and Hestia agreed. Talking about the future was beyond her expertise in this particular situation.

She was under the impression that she could not stop individuals from putting money into the merchant ship. According to Hestia, all she required from Baron Potos was details on his investors, which she sent to Kael.

Responding to the invite shouldn’t be too tough, according to Kael. After thanking Kael, Hestia made the decision to respond to Baron Potos as soon as possible. Kael wanted to know whether it helped Hestia too.

Hestia assured him that she could make good use of it. A three-day response time was sufficient for Hestia to determine she needed a break. Hestia and Kael made the decision to attend the dinner hosted by Baron Portos.

Baron Portos was quite welcoming to Hestia and Kael, telling them that he was surprised they had shown up at his estate. According to what Hestia had heard, Baron Portos had a knack for luring investors. It must have been exciting for him to hear from Kael about the investment, she thought.

The stories she had heard before to her return seemed genuine to her. Hestia learned that the sinking ship was only one of many tales circulating around Baron Portos.

Marchioness and Baron Potos were both there throughout the conversation, but Baron Potos waits to speak until he is absolutely necessary.

Nobles across the table didn’t seem interested in hearing about Hestia’s intentions of investing in a new enterprise, even though she was there to explore the matter further. Still, Hestia wasn’t shocked; after all, these individuals also wouldn’t treat Diana with the respect she deserved.

Diana was particularly annoyed by Diocker’s incessant fixation on the male protagonist, despite the fact that they had only just met. The female protagonist’s anger at having Helios sidelined in favor of Kellios only intensified with time.

Fortunately, her concerns were unfounded; the protagonist, a man who was both extroverted and quick to anger, was more than capable of handling their frustration.

The consequences of Yuna and Seojun’s negligent evening were laid bare in the preceding chapter. Yuna fought against her feelings for Seojun as she awoke in his grasp.

She wondered whether her feelings for him were genuine or if she was using him to have the upper hand with her husband. She went on to wonder if Seojun loved her or was only trying to make even with his older brother via her.

She had already decided to go before he woke up, but he grabbed her and begged her to remain. He informed her he loved her and wanted to have more time with her. Plus, he asked her to be his wife after her divorce.

Yuna was taken aback and confused by his plea, and she wasn’t sure how to respond. With all the guilt and anxiety she was experiencing, all she wanted to do was escape his presence. A strange ache in her abdomen had her wondering if she was expecting a child.

Hyunwoo, who was married to Yuna, was secretly seeing another lady, Eunji. He told her he loved her and planned to marry her when he got a divorce.

He also informed her that he was planning to divorce his brother’s and wife. He said he had arranged for them to meet as well as that he had also hired assassins to kill them.

He said he would call his wife and ask her to meet him there. Also, he said he would send a message instructing his brother to visit that location. His plan, he said, was to see their suffering from a distance and relish in their misery as they died.

He left Eunji wondering whether he was being honest or not; his technique startled and astonished him. She felt dreadful and terrified being engaged with him, and she wanted to escape from him. Furthermore, she was worried that she was having a heart attack due to an unusual chest ache.

Where To Watch For My Abandoned Love Chapter 67?

For My Abandoned Love Volume 67 cannot be found on any publicly available Kunmanga website at this time. Here you may find the Webtoon in both Japanese and English.

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