For My Abandoned Love Chapter 68 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

For My Abandoned Love Chapter 68 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

You will soon be able to read Chapter 68 of For My Abandoned Love. The Manhwa for My Abandoned Love is both charming and educational. Many people have fallen in love with it because of its fantastic plot, which has no apparent gaps, and its likable characters. as more and more chapters are released weekly.

If so, you may learn everything you need to know about this Manhwa its narrative, when the next chapter will be released, any spoilers, and a rundown of the previous chapter by reading this helpful page. Also, we’ll make sure you know where to get the Manhwa to read. Persist in reading till the very end.

In the manhwa “For My Abandoned Love,” which captured Hestia’s heart and turned it into a blender on “happily ever after,” her fangirl dreams transformed into a desperate struggle for existence.

Hestia, thrust into her beloved novel as a side character, adored the sidelines at first, exclaiming over the star-crossed romance that was happening before her.

For My Abandoned Love Chapter 68 Release Date:

A manhwa is published weekly in For My Abandoned Love. The scheduled publication time for Chapter 68 of For My Abandoned Love is Thursday, January 11, 2024, at 12:00 a.m. KST.

For My Abandoned Love Chapter 68 Trailer Release:

You’re right; Chapter 68 of For My Abandoned Love has a promotional video.

For My Abandoned Love Chapter 68 Storyline:

Chapter 55 of My Abandoned Love was a good one since it built up to the first season finale. So that her darling Caelus may have an opportunity to show himself, Hestia arranges everything that happens in the future in his favor. She is determined to prevent his doom since she knows it is inevitable.

She possessed her position as a duke (a result of her accomplishments) and was going to use it to convince him, but she was also on the verge of failing at the mission.

She is rooting for him to take up the dukeship and save the kingdom. That has a dual purpose: one, it reduces the likelihood that he will be poor; second, it keeps him out of politics.

Although Caelus is an honorable guy, his candor renders him ill-suited to gaining influence in society’s inner workings via politics. Hestia has been there, done that, and she made sure to convince him till he changed his mind.

Coming unprocessed from the emotional upheaval of their encounter, Haeso struggles with a tangle of competing feelings. She crinkles her lip as she falls asleep, her eyes watering from the combination of exhaustion and the crushing sense of ridiculousness.

But respite eludes her, even in sleep. A continual reminder of the impossible circumstances she finds herself in, Kael’s presence keeps her awake at night.

Despite his best intentions, his apology has just served to further exacerbate the bewilderment she is already feeling. Were they able to reach a peaceful resolution via their negotiation, or was it more like a fragile truce based on unspoken fears and unpleasant realities?

Hestia and Kael thought they could have mitigated the effects on the passengers and crew of the cargo ship, even if they couldn’t have stopped the ship from going down.

Everyone who wagered with Baron Potos had to be prepared to take a chance, even if Hestia thought he was a trustworthy source. Hestia agreed to give Kael information on his investors and went to the dinner that Baron Portos, a man known for luring investors, was hosting.

It was expected that the nobility sitting across from Hestia would show little enthusiasm for her proposals to finance a new business. Diana became more irritated by Diocker’s obsession with the male protagonist and her growing dissatisfaction with Helios’s marginalization in favor of Kellios.

The previous chapter highlighted the effects of Yuna and Seojun’s careless evening. Yuna struggled with her emotions for Seojun, questioning their authenticity and if they were just a means of manipulating her husband. By drawing her close, he expressed his affection for her and his desire to spend more time with her. He pleaded with her to stay.

Yuna wanted no more interaction with him after being surprised and perplexed by his plea. Hyunwoo was planning to divorce his brother’s wife since he was having an affair with Eunji while secretly married to Yuna. Getting engaged to him made Eunji feel dreadful and scared, and she wondered whether he was serious.

Where To Watch For My Abandoned Love Chapter 68?

Unfortunately, no Kunmanga website currently allows readers to view Chapter 68 of For My Abandoned Love. Here you may find the Webtoon in both Japanese and English.

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