For My Abandoned Love Chapter 72 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

For My Abandoned Love Chapter 72 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Chapter 72 of “For My Abandoned Love” is approaching rapidly. Fans of Manhwa are undoubtedly awaiting the publication of Chapter 72. Chapter 72 exhibits all the makings of an enthralling installment in the captivating series.

The forthcoming chapter is poised to deliver an additional crescendo of suspense and unforeseen developments to the narrative. We will provide every single bit of knowledge you are seeking in this article. From the release date to the recap and spoilers, we cover every aspect. For additional updates concerning manga and manhwa, please remain tuned.

Enthusiastic readers are awaiting the publication of Chapter 69 of For My Abandoned Love, eager to delve deeper into the narrative. Despite encountering delays, officials have provided insightful information regarding the forthcoming chapter. This article will discuss For My Abandoned Love’s key features, release date, possible spoilers, and access location.

With the imminent release of For My Abandoned Love Volume 70, the fans are ecstatic. Following Diana’s eventual reversal, Hestia is determined to exact retribution on Diana for her deeds during the tea party. Hestia has meticulously planned a brilliant scheme to entice Diana as well as murder her by utilizing her foresight and the Emperor Helio’s confidence.

For My Abandoned Love Chapter 72 Release Date:

For My Abandoned Love is a manhwa that is published weekly. Chapter 72 of For My Abandoned Love is scheduled to be published on February 8, 2024, at 12:00 a.m. KST (Korean Standard Time), per the release schedule.

On February 7, 2024, at 8.30 p.m. IST, Indian readers will have entry to the most recent volume of For My Abandoned Love, based on the time zone.

For My Abandoned Love Chapter 72 Trailer Release:

A trailer video for Chapter 72 of For My Abandoned Love is indeed available.

For My Abandoned Love Chapter 72 Storyline:

Hestia holds a contrasting viewpoint to Helio’s regarding the extent to which she has acquired a fresh understanding of the empire’s limits. She subsequently presents Helios with an envelope that, in light of this consideration, she believes will be of significance to him. Helio deciphers what’s inside the package to discover that the merchant vessels under the ownership of Baron Potos are sinking.

According to Helio, a considerable number of nobility would have invested in these trading vessels. Hestia concurs with Helio’s assertion that she, too, has met and evaluated Baron. She further states that the shipwreck would have had catastrophic consequences.

In light of everything that has occurred thus far, Hestia starts to suspect that something is unusual. Helios would continue to place his trust in Hestia’s prognostications concerning the merchant ships, notwithstanding his reservations, on the grounds that Diana was expected to invest in them.

Although Diana is unlikely to accept her prophecy, Hestia thinks that if Helio were to inform Diana, she might be able to put aside her hatred and invest in the merchant ships.

Hestia responds that Kael forbade her from alerting the investors on the sinking commerce ships when Helio inquires as to why she failed to do so.

Even for commercial vessels, Hestia asserts that the security of an investment cannot be guaranteed. Helio poses the question to Hestia as to whether the potential loss would be analogous to the demise of an entire empire should the investment be of an exceptionally large scale. In light of the circumstances, Hestia proposes that we prohibit nobility from investing.

When Hestia is asked by Helio whether she has fresh insight regarding the empire’s borders, she declines. Subsequently, she presents Helios with an envelope, deeming it potentially valuable for him. Helio deciphered the contents of the envelope, which showed that Baron Potos’ merchant ships were sinking.

Numerous nobles, according to Helio, would have made substantial investments in these merchant vessels. Hestia concurs with Helio’s assessment that she, too, has interacted with and verified Baron. She adds that the ship’s sinking would have caused significant destruction.

As Hestia considers everything that has transpired thus far, she begins to wonder if anything is amiss. Hestia disclosed her prophecy regarding the merchant ships to Helios solely to encourage Diana to invest in them; therefore, he could have harbored doubts regarding this matter; nevertheless, he would have placed confidence in her judgment.

In the previous section of For My Abandoned Love, Yoo Seo-yeon was the recipient of an odd phone call from an unidentified number, in which the caller identified herself as the lover of her ex-husband. Unbeknownst to all, this enigmatic caller who insisted on a café meeting was Kim Soo-jin, the closest friend of Yoo Seo-yeon.

Despite this, raw scans must be approached with extreme caution, as their occasional lack of precision and dependability should not be overlooked. Awaiting the official translation is advisable in order to obtain the most precise information.

In order to ensure a more dependable and genuine reading experience, it is advisable for readers to exercise patience and abstain from exclusively depending on unprocessed scans until the official release becomes accessible on official platforms.

Chapter 68 explores the consequences that followed the intervention of Haeso’s ex-wife, Kael, who begged her to abandon her grudge against Diana and Helly.

Kael’s apology only serves to make things more difficult for Haeso, who is already experiencing intense regret and conflicting emotions. As the distinction between victim as well as perpetrator, as well as good and evil, becomes increasingly hazy, Haeso contemplates whether it is more prudent to exact vengeance, punish Helly as well as Diana, or endure her own agony.

In the interim, Hestia and Kael contemplate their perceived shortcomings in averting the cargo ship’s sinking. In addition, the episode depicts the turbulent evening that Yuna and Seojun share, throughout which Yuna doubts her genuine affections for him and contemplates leaving.

Lila informs Hestia that she is carrying an unexpected gift: the fetus of Helio is forming within her. Hestia is rendered speechless and, beyond description, astonished. Lila had communicated to Hestia her remorse. She deeply regrets inflicting her suffering.

Hestia recollects the profound sense of betrayal and anguish she experienced. The evening before, she had observed Helio and Lila in each other’s company.

She is also informed that, at the time, Helio was cognizant of Lila’s pregnancy. She becomes enraged and horrified at the thought of Helio subjecting her to such torture.

Hestia disregarded Lila’s concerns, asserting that she would prefer to be left in solitude. She states that she wishes he hadn’t been born because she abhors him. She instructs Lila to abstain from returning in the future.

Where To Watch For My Abandoned Love Chapter 72?

Due to current circumstances, Chapter 72 of For My Abandoned Love is not available on any online Kunmanga website. Both the Japanese and English translations of the Webtoon are included in the present.

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