Free Public Wi-Fi – The Importance and Advantages of it

Free Public Wi-Fi – The Importance and Advantages of it

Let’s not deny the importance of the internet in our daily lives. It might sound a bit exaggerated but many people consider having internet access as important as having access to clean water on a daily basis.

There are many people out there who feel that having access to the internet is a basic human right. Why? The reason is simple because the internet allows billions of people all around the world to access education, have employment, and connect with their loved ones.

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Moving on, public spaces like cafes, libraries, and even buses often offer free Wi-Fi to their consumers. However, for people who cannot afford a Wi-Fi connection at home, the lack of internet can easily create a huge barrier between them and those who can afford it.

Therefore, it is essential to have access to free Wi-Fi, one way or another. In this article, we will be discussing the importance of public Wi-Fi, and its advantages.

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Why is Public Wi-Fi Important?

Before we jump into the advantages of public Wi-Fi, let’s take a moment to understand the importance of it.

There are many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering data and mobile plans that allow users to access the internet while on the go. However, these plans can be rather expensive, and not everyone can afford them.

By offering free public Wi-Fi, less-income people have the ability to not only access the internet but find opportunities for extra income, such as freelancing. This initiative is also considered to empower those who don’t have the internet at home but can access it publicly and improve themselves.

Moreover, youth who don’t have the finances to go to college can consider doing low-cost or free online courses that could possibly help them succeed. Let’s also not forget how you, as a tourist, value Wi-Fi as well, hence the importance of having free Wi-Fi.

Advantages of Public Wi-Fi

Now that you know the importance of free public Wi-Fi, let’s share some of its key advantages.

Access to Healthcare

Public Wi-Fi allows people in rural areas to have access to healthcare. There are many platforms that offer online doctor consultations, with fees being charged online as well. This will allow doctors and hospitals to improve their performances, as they have the ability to treat various patients and learn as well.

Moreover, Wi-Fi allows doctors and hospitals to do real-time location monitoring. In other words, medical staff are able to offer medicines and treatments based on where the patient is and what resources are accessible to them.

If someone in a rural area cannot travel to the city to consult a doctor, getting an online consultation with access to public Wi-Fi will help solve their concern.

Boosts the Business

It’s evident that when you have the choice to choose between two cafes and only one of them has free Wi-Fi, you are likely to go for the one that has it. Why? Well, this way the customer will not only enjoy the food but also be able to share about it on social media.

This in many ways will boost your sales in the long-term. Offering free public Wi-Fi is often seen as a welcoming attribute of any business. Moreover, it also allows customers to wait patiently for their orders or seats, as meanwhile, they can scroll through Instagram or Meta without having to worry about finishing all the data.

Marketing Can Be Done More Efficiently

Believe it or not, free public Wi-Fi has offered numerous advantages in the business world, one of which we have shared above.

Another advantage is that when customers or a business’s target audience has access to free Wi-Fi, it allows the business to market their product or service more efficiently. A business can easily collect data on what people might feel about their products, and use it to create a more targeted advertising and marketing campaign.

In addition, free public Wi-Fi helps companies connect with customers and retain them as customers for the long haul. There will be an increase in businesses’ awareness of customers’ likes and dislikes. The possibilities are truly endless.

Fun and Free Vacations

Traveling requires you to have access to the internet. The answer is simple. You probably want to share snippets of your vacation and need to access GPS when traveling from one location to another.

In fact, with your location on, your loved ones can always track your whereabouts and have peace of mind that you’re safe. In addition, you can also work on the go if you are a remote employee, but are taking a short vacation.

All in All

If you are a business owner and feel like you might just benefit if you were to offer free Wi-Fi, why not give it a shot? Or you could be an individual specializing in a certain field, such as psychology, and could put up your services on platforms that are on free public Wi-Fi.

There are many advantages of free Wi-Fi, but we have shared the four key advantages of it. We hope you now know the importance of free Wi-Fi and its advantages.

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