Futurama Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Futurama will reportedly return. After Hulu’s announcement, fans started preparing for a new season of the animated comedy produced by Matt Groening,

creator of The Simpsons. Who doesn’t like reading about the antics of individuals who have been cryogenically preserved as they engage with robots and strange creatures?

The program premiered on Fox in March 1999 and ran there until August 2003. Comedy Central then took it up and ran from March 2008 until September 2013.

Over the years, it has garnered six Emmy Awards, two Writers Guild of America Awards, & the audience’s loyalty, making it a devoted fan favorite.

So it should come as unsurprising that the show’s creators and viewers are thrilled about the next 20-episode run which will premiere on Hulu.

Officially, Futurama will return. Fans began to get ready for a new season of the animated comedy created by Simpsons creator Matt Groening after Hulu’s announcement.

Who doesn’t like following the exploits of cryogenically preserved people as they engage with machines and alien creatures? The show debuted on Fox from March 1999 to August 2003, and Comedy Central subsequently took it up, airing it from March 2008 until September 2013.

It has garnered six Emmy Awards, two Authors Guild of America Awards, and a devoted following throughout the years. It thus comes as no surprise that the show’s creators and fans are excited to welcome a fresh 20-episode series that will broadcast on Hulu soon.

Futurama Release Date:

Regarding Hulu’s relaunch, Cohen remarked, “I’m thrilled to have another opportunity to reflect about the tomorrow… or anything at all other than the present.”

It’s a great pleasure to announce the triumphant resurgence of Futurama one more time lest we get terminated suddenly again, Groening said in jest, given that both of the show’s previous runs were abruptly canceled despite the fact that it was created to last for a long time.

Currently scheduled to debut in 2023, Hulu’s relaunch hasn’t received a firm date from the streaming service.

Futurama Trailer Release:

No, there isn’t a teaser for the new Futurama yet, but keep checking back!

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Futurama Cast:

It isn’t a legitimate revival if neither of the initial cast members are participating. John DiMaggio, who played Bender for the initial 7 seasons of the show, stated in February that he wasn’t going to be reprising the role.

He and Hulu were able to agree on his salary, which is what caused this. It’s difficult to imagine another actor with a voice as extraordinary as DiMaggio’s Bender.

In addition, he is well-known for providing the voices for numerous other Matt Groening creations, such as Jake the Dog in the Adventure Time series and King Z in Disenchantment.

Because the whole Planet Express crew will be back, fans can relax. Along with Billy West (Fry and Leela) and Maurice LaMarche (Calculon, Kif, and Hedonismbot),

David Herman (Scruffy), Lauren Tom (Amy Wong), Phil LaMarr (Hermes Conrad), and others who previously played these characters will reprise their parts. Additionally included are Lauren Tom (Amy Wong) and Tress MacNeille (Leela’s mother, Linda, and others).

Futurama Storyline:

The revival’s perfect place to begin is with “Meanwhile,” the show’s season finale from 2013. Throughout the episode’s events, Fry and Leela grew older and were happily married.

They decide to resume their wacky adventures when the professor develops a device that has the power to alter the cosmos and transport individuals back to a past without them knowing what occurred.

If the new show takes up after those events, would we still see some of the same plots but with changes? or original stories? maybe both? Only time will tell.

The 2013 season finale of the program, “Meanwhile,” serves as the ideal starting point for the resurrection.

The events of the episode saw Fry & Leela become older and contentedly married. When the Professor creates a tool that can change the world and send people back in time without them remembering what occurred, they decide to go on their crazy adventures once again.

Will there be some of the same plots as previously, but with adjustments, if the new show takes up after those events? Or brand-new tales? Maybe both? Time will only tell.

It is evident that this conclusion leaves up the prospect of a fresh start for Futurama season 8.

The program may alter its own history and claim that nothing that viewers witnessed in the previous seven seasons really occurred.

This would offer Futurama season 8 the opportunity to make up for the faults the program committed before.

This prospect, nevertheless, comes with a risk since it can let down devoted followers who cherish the seven years of experiences that they shared with their beloved characters.

No specifics on the course the program will follow in this respect are currently known. The first 10 episode names of Futurama season 8 provide more hints about the season.

These are listed in order: The following titles are included in the list: “The Impossible Stream,” “Rage Against The Vaccine,” “Zapp Gets Cancelled,” “The Prince And The Product,” “Related To Items You’ve Viewed,”

“Kip Gets Knocked Up A Notch,” “How The West Was 1010001,” “I Know What You Did Last Xmas,” “Parasites Regained,” and “All The Way Down.” The names of the next eleven episodes have not yet been released.

Futurama Storyline:

To gain a sense of what can happen, we might look back to the seventh season of Futurama, which premiered in 2013 on Comedy Central.

Fans may recall that in the series finale, Fry mustered the confidence to ask Leela to marry him. Professor Farnsworth created an additional time button at the lab that would enable users to advance their time by 10 seconds.

Farnsworth’s button, however, had some undesirable side effects after a series of tragic incidents, including freezing every living thing in the world aside from Fry and Leela.

Could the revival continue off where it left off, with Fry and Leela aimlessly roaming around New York & Farnsworth attempting to undo the button’s effects? The waiting game will begin for fans.

Where To Watch Futurama?

It is available on Disney+ Hotstar and Hulu. Similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime, it is a streaming service.

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