Gal Gadot confesses: "The first film that made me fall in love with cinema is La vita è bella"

Gal Gadot she was the protagonist of the last episode of The Film That Lit My Fuse, organized by Deadline, during which 5 questions are asked to some international stars. The Wonder Woman star was asked the question, "Which movie or TV series sparked you and made you want to tell stories on the big screen?"

Gal Gadot's answer turned towards Italy:"I don't remember exactly what the first film I saw was, but I remember well that what marked me extremely was Roberto Benigni's Life is Beautiful. I was 12 and went to the cinema with my two best friends. I knew that it was a film about the Second World War, about the Holocaust, but I didn't know what experience I was going to live. The room was packed and we were sitting in the center of the front row to see this incredible and poignant film ".

The actress recalls that since she became a mother she has been able to better understand the powerful sensations transmitted by the film:"It made me feel a great deal of emotion. I was trying to understand what people might have experienced during the war. My grandfather had lived through the Holocaust, so I had a personal connection with the story. I thought about how adults had to behave. with the children, how they explained to them what was happening. I think the way Roberto Benigni chose to tell this story is so beautiful and special, because now that I'm a mother I understand it. I try to communicate the things of the world to my parents. children in the most positive way possible and the fact that he was telling that story to his son through colored lenses was original and upsetting to me; it's a film that I have carried with me for a long, long time ".

Life is Beautiful won the Oscar for best foreign film and Roberto Benigni triumphed in the category for best leading actor, with Nicola Piovani getting the statuette for best soundtrack.

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