Getting Started with Notepadqq – Everything you need to know

If you are new to the concept of Notepadqq, it is a popular text editor for Ubuntu. It is very popular software among the developers and coders who use it for varying purposes. However, if you want to get access to this app on your device, the process isn’t as complicated as you think it would be.

With a few simple tricks and access to the product key, you too can get access to this software for free. However, to operate the app with ease, you need to familiarize yourself with the on-going list of features it brings along with it.

We will discuss all of that and more in this guide for first-time users who don’t have much idea about the same.

How to use Notepadqq?

Since this article is targeted toward beginners, explaining how to use the software is crucial. The steps are simple and allow users to complete multiple tasks, including writing, cobbling, shell scripts, web pages, etc.

If you aren’t the best coder or even if you don’t have much idea about coding, using Notepadqq is going to streamline that for you. The software does a solid job of rendering different types of mark-up languages with ease.

What are the features of Notepadqq?

This is what you came to this article for, so let us walk you through all the important features of the software and how they are beneficial when you are working on Ubuntu.

  • The highlight of this editor is that it allows users to open any kind of text file using the editor. It does fall short in certain features, especially because it doesn’t come with auto-completion or tag matching. 
  • A unique feature is the smart indent feature wherein it identifies and remembers the indentation settings of the last line that you typed. It is a very useful feature that coders can leverage.
  • The latest version of Notepadqq, which is the 1.2.0 version, comes with extension support. To access this particular feature, the users will have to individually install Node.js and npm for the users who deal with JavaScript.
  • Another important feature of Notepadqq that makes it stand out as top-tier software is the availability of syntax highlighting. This is a much underrated feature that can effectively transform the whole game of coding. However, ensure that you save your file with the correct extension if you wish to work the syntax highlighting feature.
  • Also, users can effectively edit the text in multiple ways. The most unique is the interchanging functions between uppercase and lowercase, which is quite enticing. There is an additional feature for trimming spaces, which comes a lot in handy too.

Notepadqq is one of the leading text editor software for Ubuntu and all the right reasons. If you are sitting here confused as to the features and its usability, we hope this article gives you all the insights that you need to know in detail. 

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