Godzilla vs Kong, our interviews with the cast of the new MonsterVerse movie

After the review of Godzilla vs Kong by Adam Wingard, one day ahead of the Italian release of the highly anticipated crossover of the Monster Fresh we offer you our exclusive interviews with the director and cast of the blockbuster Legendary Pictures.

Following the release of the Godzilla vs. Kong, we had the opportunity to learn several curiosities about the feature film, which to begin with is presented to the public with the following synopsis: “While Kong, in this film, is in search of a real home accompanied by his protectors and a young orphan to whom he is particularly attached, his path meets that of Godzilla, who is committed to bringing chaos and destruction around the world.“.

We will therefore also arrive at the Hollow Earth, or the space between the Earth’s Core and the Surface World which is the cradle of the Titan civilization where there will also be new and terrifying creatures. We also know that Kong’s ax, the weapon he wields during combat against the Alpha Predator, is created thanks to a scale of the body of Godzilla, which makes it immune to the nuclear ray of the kaiju.

Recall that Godzilla vs. Kong was released in American theaters and on HBO Max in streaming last March 31, while in Italy the film will be released in video on demand tomorrow, May 6th.

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